Summer Road Trip Packing List & Tips to Lessen the "Are We There Yet?" Questions

kids on a road tripSummer fun includes taking a family road trip. Road trips conjure up good memories from childhood and if you can afford the time and gas, definitely take one!  Whether the trip is down the famous Route 66, to grandmother’s house, to the mountains or the valleys, from shore to shore. Any parent who has taken their children (regardless of age) on a road trip (or even plane trip), unless their kids are really patient, have probably heard the frequency of little voices asking the same question:  “Are we there yet?” If you want to lessen the “Are We There Yet?” questions you must prepare. Trust me these items and tips can definitely help, but I can’t guarantee they will stop the questions from coming. There are so many items on DealDash that will help keep your kids occupied for hours on your next roadtrip, long after to slug-bug game has become dull.

  • Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players such as this Car DVD Player from Power Acoustik are designed just for the car and can keep your kids and other road trip guests entertained for hours. power acoustik car dvd player

What’s great about this item in particular is that you can playback anything saved to a SD card, from a DVD, DivX file, MP4, SVCD or Video CD, plus there’s even an FM tuner for music. The screen is 9″ and is an LCD for sharp, clear display.

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  • Portable Game Systems

nintendo 3sd xl ds Once the kids are bored with watching movies, a great thing to have would be a portable gaming system such as this Nintendo 3DS XL – a new and improved version of the Nintendo DS which even includes a camera that can be used to snap pictures of everything from cows to slug bugs and everything in between. Jampacked with vivid colors, brilliant action, 3D depth and a 90% larger screen. Check out the following link for more DealDash auctions of Nintendo DS game consoles, games and accessories won at great prices. power adapter deals

  • Power Ports

To keep the kids entertained for even longer, be sure to pick up a portable power adapter like the Lenmar Power Port 4-Port Auto Power Adapter on DealDash. – Buy it now for just $10.98.   This way you will be able to keep their entertainment sources charged, but also charge your cellphones as well. ipad air

An iPad is a great item to pass time and can be used to finish homework, read books, listen to music, browse the Net, follow along on a map (so they’ll really know you’re no where near “there yet”, draw and create, play games, share photos with friends on Facebook and so much more and DealDash has each on a daily basis.

  • Snacks

Make sure you pack snacks for your road trip! Favorites include Cheez-Its, raisins, fruit snacks, sunflower seeds, cheese and peanut butter crackers, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, apples, almonds, energy bars, mixed nuts,  M&M’s, popcorn (just don’t get the orange cheddar kind as it can be messy!), Twizzlers licorice, Pop-Chips a healthier alternative and less greasy and messy than potato chips. Pack a cooler with ice to keep water bottles, fruits, veggies or even chocolate candies cool. For a larger cooler check out the Coleman Marine Cooler – the last auction for one sold at a huge discount with the final end price of $0.42! cooler deals

  • Save Money on Gas

gas gift cards cheap
 Gas prices don’t have to make a dent in your wallet or dampen the road trip fun when you bid and win gas gift cards on DealDash. Plus, if you don’t win the gas card for less than the item’s value you can buy it now and get all of your bids back to bid on more and start your collection. Gas gift card auctions include auctions for Sinclair, Sunoco, BP, Shell, Texaco, ARCO PumpPass, and Philips 66! 

Show them just where you are with a GPS from TomTom. Your kids will no longer ask, “Are we there yet?” when they can get a visual picture of just where you are along the way and how much more time it will take to get there.
What are some of your favorite road trip tips and must-have items? 
Save travels & happy bidding!