Adjust your Bidding Style at DealDash

If you’ve been bidding for some time at DealDash you have a “style” of bidding, you like to bid that way and it’s worked for you.  But I like to try new things all the time.  I especially love when DealDash gives us new features to help us win. It will spark an idea forcing me to adjust my bidding style.  Recently, after launching their newest feature, Win Limits Lifted, there is a lot to get excited about.

When I first came to DealDash their win limits included 6 prizes under $200, and 3 prizes over $200 per week, then they changed that to 9 prizes of any value and I started winning more high retail items, with this new feature, you can just keep winning and winning.  There is only one exception, you may only win each item once a week.  So if you won the Ladies Timex Watch today, you may not win it again until next week at the same time, but you can win any other watch you wish.

Once someone has won an item you will see they can’t enter the auction, so that frees up the field for you to win.  I used to love the limit list, but I don’t need that anymore and have traded up to the Winner’s List where I can see who’s won and what they paid for their prize.  I started a new list to keep track of my competitors wins, so I’ll let you know soon how those winners are doing compared to me. If you aren’t using the Winner’s List as a tool, that is a great thing to try new.  It’s a lot more than just some fun information, you can really learn from the numbers and players wins.

Along with the new limits there are some good old features that will help you win more auctions.  I love the  Bookmark Feature, it really helps me stay organized when I am bidding in multiple auctions.  If I’m only in one or two it may not be necessary, but it does help to keep you active auction at the top of your page.  You click the little white star in the upper right hand corner of the auction on the main page, it will turn yellow and there it is atop your page.

I used to love the Free Auctions, but I’ve found now I prefer the 50% and full price auctions because less players will overbid, and that will help the auction end sooner.  The Free Auction is really cool because you win an item for one penny, but really it is harder to win really popular or trendy items during these events, so you have to have patience!

It might be time for a new comment on your profile.  This is a great place to express yourself, but better than that as a strategy to make other players change their actions.  I love the comment where the player claims to “stay to the end” and they always leave early because the never stay in an auction more than 20 bids, it’s a strategy and it works for them.  It would be nice to see this person really in it for the long haul and win something more substantial, that would be trying something new and perplex players who pay attention to how long others stay in auctions.

You don’t have to get stuck in a rut when you are bidding at DealDash, they always put out new prizes,  new features and new sales for us to enjoy.  The prices for bids are the best on the web for the value of prizes and level of competition.  DealDash has such an easy-to-use platform and the features work well and you can win a lot of prizes bidding here.  To top that off all items are delivered FREE!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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