It’s a Fan-Fair at DealDash

Fans Compared at DealDash

Every season at DealDash they feature new and interesting everyday items.  This time of year they are offering a great variety of fans to cool your space.  This article in a comparison of the fans they currently offer plus the different features and retail values.

fans dyson amo7 491
Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan $491

The Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan in true Dyson fashion has no blades. It features an Air Multiplier Technology and is 60% quieter than a standard fan.  There is a remote control plus  it’s safe and easy to clean.  Of course this is the Cadillac of fans and will be a very popular item.  This is the type of item you’ll want to have a bundle of bids loaded in your Bid Buddy, the Bid Buddy will bid for you in your turn, without over bidding.  It’s the best way to win an auction.  They carry the Dyson AM06 10-inch. Cool Desk Fan and that retails for $368

fans ozeri 3x 129
Azeri 3X Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction $129

Ozeri makes a model called the Ozeri 3X Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology. There is a sleep timer for up to 7.5 hours and features 9 levels and 3 programable airflow directions.  This is the bomb of fans!  The retail value is $129 and that’s a great value even if you need to BIN it.  “Binning’ is the nickname of the “Buy It Now” philosophy at DealDash.  Any item you try to wan and don’t, DealDash gives you the opportunity to purchase the  item for full retail and they will refund the bids.  This is their way of saying thanks for bidding, and please don’t go away empty-handed.  So if you use 240 bids to win something and decide and then don’t, you have 7 days to purchase it for a refund of those 240 bids.

fan Lasko 420
Lasko Outdoor Tower Fan with Remote Control $420

This next fan is for outdoors, the Lasko 50-inch Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan with Remote Control.  This tall and elegant design has night-time accent lighting which provides ambience to your yard or patio. There is a remote control and oscillating fans.  This fan is for your patios and helps keep the bugs away.  It comes with a heavy-duty Cord and retails for $420.

fans dyson desk 368
Dyson AM06 10-inchCool Desk Fan $368

The Dyson is again the top of the line in terms of price and features.  This desk top model retails for $368 and has one touch oscillating action, easy to clean, remote control, small footprint, energy efficient and has quiet air technology with no blades.

fans optimus 9 inch 39
Optimus 9″ Industrial Grade High Velocity Fan $39

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a fan to keep you cool, they also have the Optimus 9 inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Fan is a powerful 3 speed 9″ blade.  It has metal construction and is designed to cool from floor to ceiling.

DealDash also carries The SPT Outdoor Misting Fan with a remote control.  It has 16-inch blades and who wouldn’t love being misted on a hot summer night?  It sound like fun! This fan comes with a remote with LED and is easy to use.

fans misting SPT 297
SPT Outdoor Misting Fan $297

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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