DealDash: Why Players Over-Bid

DealDash has a crowd of players who love to overbid.  I will even jump on the band wagon if all the stars align at once.  There are a few reasons why players overbids at DealDash and sometimes, it just makes sense.

For me I will overbid if I won the bids I’m using. This is a common phenomenon at DealDash because they let you exchange your wins for bids and this is a practice I love to participate in.  I have won so many auctions at DealDash that I don’t always need the “stuff” I win, but I love playing, so I trade in my wins for bids, it’s a simple “Bid Exchange” offered by DealDash.

When you exchange an item for bids you will not receive the item, you forfiet it, but you will receive an amount of bids which DealDash has deemed fair for that item, as exchanging bids is a popular event.  So let’s say the item you won is worth $1000 dollars, you will get in exchange anywhere from 500 bids to 1000 bids.  It depends on the popularity of the item and how often people exchange it for bids.

Another reason players overbid is they simply can’t lose.  They must have deep pockets and endless buckets of money.  These are the players that I like to stay away from.  You will get to know them, there are not that many on the site and often they come and go.  I’ve seen hard core players come, play hard, and then leave.  Ok, so they left and we don’t have to deal with them “anymore” they sign up daily, just like everyone else.

The other type of overbidder who has deep pockets and never leaves have been playing since the site opened and they have no plans on losing.  But my favorite saying at DealDash is “You can’t win them all!”  Everyone is bound to make a mistake, run out of  bids or underestimate the other guy. You just never know.

Then there is the bidder who only bids for bids, I used to do this, it was quite honestly, a rat race.  The same players all the time trying to win the bids packs, but if you go for prizes instead of bid packs, you’ll have options, you can take the prize OR exchange for bids, I see it as a win-win.

Some of the players who play only for bids are also the type of player who will never lose, they will use 1500 bids to win a 1000 pack, get to know who they are, they are just ‘fun -ruiners”.  It just pays to get to know who these players are and if you want to stay in the bid game, beat them at their own game by outbidding, out witting, and outlasting them!

Another reason players will over bid is to meet their Free Bids Quota.  I will do this too.  If I am near my next reward level and I’m also “involved” I will overbid slightly to see if I can reach my next level, especially if there is a Bid Multiplier Sale going on where I could double, triple or quadruple my winnings.

Seeing over bidding at DealDash can be frustrating, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.  That really is my best advice.  Tip: Eventually, you will have to take on the big guy and overcome his shenanigans. I don’t that, it’s not cheap, but once you take on a big guy they do become more reluctant to take you on.

Once in awhile you may need to consider being an overbidder if you want to win that big prize.  You’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do.  Keep it simple, don’t spend too much, use wins to overbid by exchanging wins for bids, this is my “parlay” system.  I use it all the time and win awesome prizes.

Good Luck and Happy Over-Bidding!!!

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