Toys For All Ages at DealDash

apples-25You couldn’t have more fun at DealDash then going for the fun and games category.  I love bidding in this category.  Whenever I am in need of a game or toy, I always go to DealDash first, they have something for everyone.  I love the interesting selection of outdoor yard game, and indoor family games.

monopoly-23Think of your favorite game, and I bet you’ll find it at DealDash, one year for Christmas everyone in our family got a great game because they are fairly easy to win.  They are a popular item to bid on at DealDash, and you don’t find them on the schedule every day, so  you have to plan on winning in this category.  Some items go on the market every day, but not all items.  That’s why it’s so important to shop ahead.  Do your searches diligently.

lego-44The perfect Lego toy will come on the market and you don’t want to miss it.  To ensure you don’t miss any auction, use the handy bookmarking tools provided by DealDash.  They have the “Alert Me” tab in the auction, and you can find a bookmark star on the top right hand corner of the auction for items that have been scheduled already.  By bookmarking it, you will place the item at the top of your DealDash Homepage.  I like to set an alarm to remind myself to show up on time for the auction, you never know, it might go for a dollar, and I want to be the winner, but so will you!

xbox-368They carry board games and gaming systems too.  You can find the right game for your needs and set out to win it.  The games category is perfect for the Buy It Now (BIN) option.  You have to have the item, so you calculate the BIN price and place that number of bids in your Bid Buddy.  To calculate the BIN number of bids simple divide the retail price of the item by the current cost of bids, the sum is the number of bids you could use until you own it.

When you reach that amount of bids and you haven’t won it, you buy it and DealDash will thank you by giving you all the bids you used trying back.  Once you get the bids back, they are yours to use in any other auction.  The formula for a $50 prize when bids are .15 cents is 50./.15=333 bids.  Place the 333 bids in the Bid Buddy and sit back and wait.  I like to use this time to shop around to book mark for the future.  Just check in on the auction occasionally.

Check the games and toy category often, there is always something new coming down the road.  DealDash keeps the auction site fresh and full of prizes for us to be entertained and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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