DealDash: You Can’t Win Them All

So you’ve seen the DealDash commercials on TV, you’ve heard your friends brag about their wins all you ever hear about is the winning, and maybe you’ve even won a few, but the truth is you can’t win them all.

In fact, it’s not about winning a higher percentage of items, it’s about winning them with less bids.  If you are a player who is used to winning 40% or more of the time, chances are you are spending too much to play and with some thought and planning, you could save a lot of money.

First, to figure out how often you win do a few things.  At the beginning of the day, before you start bidding check you “Account Details” found in your Dashboard.  See how many wins you have to date. Then at the end of the day check that number again.  you will see the number of WINS you had today.

Now, go the Bidding History Tab and count all the auctions you bid in today.  Take the number of wins and divide by the number of auctions that have closed, if an auction is “ongoing” you haven’t won or lost it yet, so I don’t include them.  multiply your result by 100 and you will see how often you won.(example below)  Now, if you do this for a whole week you will get a more accurate number and if you can do it for a month you will have a great idea of how often you win, at the end of the week or month average all your averages.  I win about 15% of the time.  I enter a lot of auctions then leave and don’t go back, so that brings down my numbers.  And, entering an auction to return later isn’t a great strategy to win, but it may help you win a different auction ultimately, but that’s a different article! See “Pop in One Bid” published July 26,  2016.

I’ll calculate a recent day of mine. I have 4 wins and entered 26 auctions, but two are still running, I discount them. I’m left with 24 auctions.  4/24=0.166 X 100 (%) = 16.6 % wins. That’s pretty good because I didn’t use a lot of bids to win it. You can keep track of your bids by counting the bids used in the “Bidding History”.

This is another way for you to see a good day may be only 4 wins away, you don’t have to kill it every day.  Players who win at all costs are losing their life savings to do so.  You can’t win them all, it’s that simple.

Even if you do win at all costs, you are still going to lose once in a while.  There will be a mistake, a forgotten moment, a distraction, something to cause you to lose and if you just over bid to lose, it’s even more painful than just overbidding.  The whole idea behind DealDash is to get a great Deal on fantastic everyday items, if you spend $300 to win a toaster, it doesn’t make any sense.  There is always another auction, there is always another product coming on the market any second.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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