Buy It Now, Binning and BIN at DealDash

DealDash is a fantastic place to bid and win, but not every auction ends with a win, it is a game of chance.  Fortunately, for us, as players we have an out if we don’t win.  Only DealDash offers a chance for us to buy the item (BIN) and get our bids back.

What is BIN? BIN stands for “Buy It Now” and at DealDash when you buy an item you’ve tried to win in an auction you will get your bids back as long as you haven’t won that auction.  Once you BIN an item you can not longer bid on it in that active auction.   This action is also known as “Binning”.  You’ve heard it all in the comments on the site, and if you’re wondering what it is, it’s simple, it’s a gift from DealDash.

I have been involved in many auction where I fought the good fight trying to win an item, but to no avail, alas, I did not win.  So, in the beginning I didn’t buy it, I bought more bids, after all, I wanted to win it! I had to WIN! I didn’t understand BIN.

So, I want to explain to you that if you bid on items that you actually need or want, Binning makes sense.  Let’s say you have an occasion where you need a gift like a bridal shower gift.  You flip through the pages of DealDash and find a nice item you wish to get for your bride and groom. Once you’ve identified this gift, figure out the cost of Binning.

The cost of Binning is calculated by taking the price of the item and dividing it by the current price of bids (aprox. .15 cents).  I’ll use one of my favorite Bridal Shower gift items  from DealDash and that’s a Luxury Linens King Size Down Alternative Comforter, it retails for $120, so let’s do the math.  $120./.15 cents=800 bids.  So, you plan on Binning the item because you need it anyway, you have purchased 800 bids. Now take the 800 bids and place it on the comforter.  Chances are very good that you will win because most players want to win it, and will leave early after 25 bids or so.  Personal Experience: I have won a half dozen or more of these comforters and I never paid more than $10.00 or used more than 200 bids. The comforter is much easier to win than, say, a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, so plan to BIN with the actual BIN number of bids.

Now, you wait.  While you are bidding you are earning free bids every second you are high bidder. So as you go forward with your auction, you get closer and closer to the BIN value and when your 800 bids are gone, you own it! If you didn’t win it, your going to buy more bids anyway, so you might as well buy your item for the $120, and DealDash will give you every single one of those 800 bids back!  Now you have your comforter and the 800 bids to go for another gift for the wedding! This works even if you only use 200 bids, the only rule is bid in an auction, buy the item and get those bids back.  Easy-Peasy!

So instead of buying more bids, you get them all back for free all while you are earning free bids for bidding, and on top of that DealDash delivers every item directly to you for free!  DealDash really does love its customers, they do a lot to make sure we leave with a bounty, and every player does!

The new No Limit on Wins rule has made it easier to win these items as you may only win an item once a week, so if you win it on Monday, you will only be able to win it again after the same time next week.

Don’t waste a single day at DealDash without Binning!  Go right for it on the first day, It’s the best way to get your item and more bids!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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