How the Winners Tab Helps Bidders Win on DealDash

There are so many tools on DealDash to help you get the win. You just have to know what to look for and use it to your advantage when it comes to bidding strategy. One tool I’d like to talk about today that is sometimes overlooked is the Winners tab—and I use it daily.


Where to find the Winners tab

You can find the Winners tab above the main page banner, just to the left of My Dashboard tab.


What information you can find on the Winners tab

There are many pieces of information you can gain from clicking on the winners tab:


  • A list of the winners of each and every auction over the past 24 hours (approximate)
  • Amount that each auction item sold for (auction end price)
  • Number of bids each winner used to win each item
  • Approximate cost of each item win
  • Buy It Now prices for each item


How to use information from the Winners tab

The first thing I do each time I bid is bring up the Winners tab. I scroll down all the way to the end to ensure I have as much data as is available ready to review. An item to note:  it may be necessary to refresh your page every now and then to bring up the most recently won auctions.


Size up the competition

As you are in any particular auction and other bidders enter the auction, you can use the Winners tab to search for their user names. Assess whether they have won many items over the past 24 hours. Have they overpaid on their won auctions (bid many more bids than you would for the same item)?


Tip: Just because an experienced bidder enters the auction does not mean you should give up on an auction. I never exit without staying the course a little longer just to see where things go. You never know if the bidder who just entered an auction will make just a short appearance.


Big-ticket winners

Take note of anyone who has recently won a big-ticket item such as a painting or sculpture. It is possible that these folks will be looking to cash in on their good fortune (if they have exchanged to bids) and bid in many auctions at once.

Tip:  Just because someone has recently won a big-ticket item does not mean they are an experienced bidder or are an immediate threat to the auction you are bidding on. Sometimes they just want to see if they can strike while the iron is hot and get lucky with another win. As always, stay the course as long as you feel comfortable. They will likely see you are not budging and go on their way.


Experienced bidders who have many wins a day

If you notice a bidder with many wins over 24 hours, he or she is likely an experienced bidder and wins many times each week. You will get familiar with these bidders to the point that you don’t have to search for their name in the Winners tab to know they have won several times that day.

Tip:  My first instinct is to back out of an auction when these folks pop into an auction, however, there have been several times when I have either won an auction because that person only placed one bid and others exited while I stayed or the reverse, where I have backed out of an auction and immediately lost to someone else because of the same reason. Give it a few bids to see if they stick around.


Beyond the Winners tab

The Winners tab is only one of many areas you can learn the tips and tricks of winning on DealDash. The great thing is that DealDash actually wants you to win and provides many areas to help you win.  Be sure to check out the Tips & tricks section located under the Help tab along with other helpful selections. And you’ve already found a great resource—the blogs, written by real DealDash bidders like me! Keep educating yourself on how to navigate DealDash and you’ll be winning in no time!

Happy bidding!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.