DealDash Values Their Customers Greatly

You would be hard pressed to find another company that treats its customers with so much gratitude and kindness.  Many companies, especially on-line companies, just see the customer as a sale and not like a human being.  You won’t find that at DealDash, they are just too kind and very much in touch with their players.

There are many ways they show their gratitude for the players. First, and my personal favorite, is the free bids they give for your Time As High Bidder (TAHB), that’s a feature which tallies the time you bid. For every bid you place a timer begins until the next bid is placed, if all players are using the Bid Buddy feature you average about 10 seconds for every bid.  This is tallied and when you reach your next “level”, you are rewarded with the free bids.  The amount of bids is determined by the time you spend at DealDash, the more you bid, the more free bids you receive.

DealDash is very generous with the free bids in their social scene too. They love it when players share their wins with the Community, and for doing it, they reward you with up to 350 bids. You can then enter into a weekly contest where one lucky player will win 1000 bids, that’s always fun, and I’ve seen just about everyone that posts win the big prize.

There are other features on the site that shows they value their customers, for instance, the Bid Buddy.  This is a feature that ensures you get a chance to accumulate your TAHB, without it, you would pounce in your bids and that just won’t help.  You don’t earn any time at all if you stomp in your bids manually.

The Dashboard is a wonderful tool, there is all kinds of information, I suggest in the beginning you use it a lot to review the number of bids you place on items, to see who you beat in the “won auctions” list.  See who beat you in the bidding history.  Let’s say you just can’t remember the name of a player who beat you, but you do remember that it was a certain item, you go find the item in the list and and click on it. There you will see who it is and that’s always helpful if your thinking of getting involved with this person again.

Customer Service is the most outstanding on the internet.  They care deeply for every concern you might have with DealDash.  Everyone is so incredibly kind.  They take care of your issue, usually immediately.  They claim within 48 hours, but I’ve never waited more than a few hours for a response.  They even have a Live Chat where you can contact them if you have an immediate problem.  I found I used the chat a lot in the beginning, but now that I understand how to shop and play at DealDash, I rarely use it.  It is however, very helpful.

DealDash is the most fair and honest penny auction site.  You will win a lot and have a great time doing it.  They want you back!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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