New Items of Luxury from DealDash

towels-99You can always find something for your home at DealDash, they variety of merchandise is amazing, and lately they’ve added another essential everyday item to the line-up, it’s towels!  Luxurious, fluffy and affordable bath towels.  There is a nice variety of colors to choose fro, suitable for any home: Charcoal, Ivory, Deep Blue, Moss Green.  I’ve seen this $99 Charcoal Towel set sell for an average of $15.  There is always one or another offer for the towels that you can bid on.  They are popular, yet some are selling around a dollar!

You can also find other linens and bed spreads at DealDash.  They have been around for awhile, so a lot of the regular players have all the sheets and blankets they need.  I have a few of each color!  The bed spread makes a lovely gift, and it’s so soft and easy to clean. I usually keep a couple in the closet for gifts, you never know when a bridal shower might pop up, and everyone needs a big fluffy comforter!

sheets-100DealDash also has sheets in three sizes: Full, Queen and King.  They are also very soft and yet sturdy.  They dry in minutes and have kept their shape.  I like to win the items for the linen closet because they are good gifts, but also because they are easy to win, and once in a while I like to trade one in for bids.  This is a bid exchange program offered by DealDash, they will give you a set number of bids if you decide you don’t want an item once you’ve won it.  It’s very convenient.  I keep a list of my open wins on my dashboard, if I don’t have enough bids for one items I can always exchange for bids win one of my wins.

You do have to be willing to have nothing in the end if you do that because there are no guarantee you will win anything with the bids and now you don’t have your win either, so be very sure this is what you want when you exchange.  I’ve only regretted it once, but I still think about that one mistake.  What if.  Just be sure you don’t want an item before you exchange.

comforter-120The sheet and comforters are generally easy to win, if you get into a battle and the other player won’t let go, do yourself a favor and be the one to let go, go for the next one.  There is always something nice for your linen closet to bid on at DealDash.  There is also a fair retail price for all this linens, so if you do get going and won’t let go until you spend the products value in bids, you can then purchase the item, and if you Buy It Now (BIN) you will get all the bids back which you used trying.  That’s a Win-Win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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