Free Bids for Time As High Bidder at DealDash

Everyone loves free bids and DealDash knows this, so they are happy to reward us with bids for every second we are bidding at their site.  As DealDash players we are the luckiest of the penny auction players because the amount of bids you get from DealDash is generous and grows every time your reach your next level.


This is what the Time As Highest Bidder Bar looks like and it’s located on the bottom of your DealDash main page.  This is where you can keep track of all the bids DealDash is going to give you, how much time you have left before you receive it and how many seconds you’ve already bid toward the next level.

Right next to this bar is a meter with the amount of free bids you will receive for your next level,  when you reach it the meter will light up and all you need to do is click the button and Poof! The bids are in your account.  So now if you have done your shopping, you can go place those bids on one item which you can win for the closing price.   Sometimes DealDash offers 50% Off Wins and Free Wins, this is a double win because you not only got all those free bids, you get your item greatly discounted.

So what happens when you bid?  That is the magic, each time you bid a meter ticks up your moments. This clock is best utilized when using Bid Buddy, the automatic bidding system provided by DealDash.  When you use the Bid Buddy every second adds up quickly at first, and the longer you play the more bids you get, but also the meter goes a little slower.  In the beginning you will earn dozens and hundreds of bids, eventually you will earn thousands!! That is a lot of free bids.

Often DealDash will offer a Bid Multiplier, the multiplier adds bids much faster, often 2 times faster, 3 times faster or five times faster!  During these sales there are a lot of players and DealDash will offer extra prizes each minute and sometimes they will also offer 50 at once.  There are plenty of auctions for every one and there is always another one right around the corner.

So, all you need to do to get these Free Bids for your Time As High Bidder (TAHB) is bid.  Just come to DealDash, buy your bid pack and start earning free bids!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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