DealDash and Facebook

DealDash is so much fun, you’ll want to add the Facebook element to your experience.  You already know Facebook is a fun place to talk to friends, find out what’s going on in the world or just look at pictures of cute kittens, so when you add DealDash to the picture, it’s more fun because you can earn free bids, and here is how.

DealDash has a wonderful Facebook page where you can share your experiences with other players, make comments about your wins, and share or read reviews.  There is anyone from the “Newbie” to the “Seasoned Pro” visiting the Facebook page.  I like to go there at least once a day, this way I catch up on the latest sales posted and …..well, see cute pictures of kittens!  DealDash does that too.

Each week DealDash has a contest for 1000 bids to see who takes the best photo of themselves for their Facebook page and other Social Media.  All you have to do is take a photo of yourself or a friend holding your win,  and send the picture to [email protected] via an attachment.  Be sure to include a comment about the value of the items and what you paid for it.

Also include, a brief comment about you’re experience.  If you’re creative, DealDash notices!  You will receive 350 bids for items valued over $199 just for posting and a handful of bids for the lower valued prizes.  There are complete instructions on the DealDash Facebook Page.   There you can find any information about DealDash, you just have to poke around.

I’ve found some of my best tips on the Facebook Page, especially the value of items, sometimes you just don’t realize what fantastic prizes they have at DealDash until you read about them on the Facebook page.  They do a nice job of bringing to the platform some of the most creative and ingenious gifts I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure you will love visiting the DealDash Facebook Page, don’t miss out on the fun, don’t miss out on getting a few tips and certainly don’t miss seeing all the smiles from the hundreds of people who win everyday at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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