What’s a Dashboard at DealDash?

Your Dashboard at DealDash is a vital piece of the best features offered by DealDash to help you win.  You could and should use the Dashboard often.

The most important part of the Dashboard is the open “Buy It Now” offers.  DealDash will refund any bids you used in a specific auction if you purchase the item.  Let’s say you used 200 bids in an auction for a $15 item, you didn’t win, but you buy it anyway.  Now you get your bids back from DealDash.  So your Dashboard first of all, has the power to give you bidding power.

Your Dashboard is also the place where you make your personality at DealDash, you will have a username, then an avatar and a comment.  Once you choose a username, it’s yours forever, but if you want you can change your avatar and comment in the Personal Information.

You have the best forward thinking information in your “Bidding History” here you will find who who you beat and how many bids you used, likewise, you will find out how many bids you used to lose.

The Account information has a running total of all your wins, it’s where you will change or save your personal information.  This is something you want to keep up to date, if you are in the middle of an auction and you are running out of bids, you will want to be able to load up on more bids without a hesitation, it’s essential at times to win.

The “Order” shows you all the items that are on their way to you.  You will want to keep track of all your wins.  without this information, you may not be available to collect your prize.  When I win a phone or a tablet, a computer or a TV I want to be here to collect it.  Yes, I’ve won all those things at DealDash, in fact, two TVs  and couple of computers.  It’s fun alright!

Use the DealDash, it very helpful.  It’s a lot of fun to go running through the site to win things, but it really pays to spend a little time getting to know your Dashboard.  Tip: Don’t get involved with 10 auctions and then try to learn your Dashboard.  Do the Dashboard when you have no bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!