DealDash Tips: Get Free Bids with Facebook


Getting free bids is easy if you follow this DealDash Tips guide to get free bids with Facebook. Read the article, follow the tips, bid for free!

Who doesn’t like free bids? Well, as with in life, few things are 100% free, you have to spend some bids to get some bids! The exception to this, of course, is you can get 3 100% free bids by filling out your little Bio on DealDash. However, even though sometimes you have to spend bids to get bids, it’s still a great deal! This guide to getting free bids with Facebook involves having already won an auction on DealDash.

If you would like to earn free bids, your first step should be to “Like” DealDash’s Facebook page. Click on the link right here.  After you have “Liked” the DealDash Facebook page it’s very simple and easy to earn free bids by sending in photos and videos of you and your wins. Here are the directions:

1.Win an item on DealDash.

2. Take a bright, clear photo with yourself and the item you won.

3. Send the photo as an attachment in the email to [email protected] and add a description that includes the following information: item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well, which can be something such as “I won this $175 stand mixer for 110 bids and $6.76, now I can make Christmas cookies!”

The item value determines the amount of free bids that you will receive:

Item value is $199 or above = 350 Free Bids

Item value is $99 to $198 = 225 Free Bids

Item value is less than $99 = 30 Free Bids

As additional motivation to post pictures to Facebook, every Monday, DealDash will select the best picture of the previous week and award a 1,000 Bid Pack to the winner! Depending on the price of bids that day, that’s approximately a $150 value!! The only caveat to this is that the win must be an item that is valued at $99 or more.

There is another way to get free bids with Facebook – by sending DealDash a video of you and your item! Please note that you can get free bids from either a photo or a video each week, not both. If you have the time and a tripod or a friend to make a video, it is definitely worth your while. Here are the free bid reward levels:

Item value $199+ = 250 free bids
Item value $99 to $198 = 125 free bids
Item value less than $99 = 60 free bids

Here are the instructions for sending in a video:


1. Buy a bid pack within the last week, and win an item on DealDash.
2. Take a video using a tripod or a friend, with you holding the item you have won DealDash.
3. Please say the following: what the item is, the retail price and how many bids and how much you paid for the item.
4. Send the video as an attachment via email to [email protected]
I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article on how to get free bids with Facebook helpful. You can use your free bids to bid on any DealDash auctions that you like, in any category such as kitchen, toys, electronics, and more. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!