DealDash: What is an Online Auction?

What is an Online Auction and how does the Online Auction work at DealDash?  Well, to sum it up quickly, one bid at a time!  Very funny…, but there are tricks and features to learn to get to be a great winner, and it’s so much more than a quick thrill.

You’ll want to know what to do to get in on the game at DealDash, so the first thing you want to do, is buy some bids so you can get involved.  Once you have your bids, the following will all make much more sense.

You own these bids, they are the currency of the site, you use a bid every time you place a bid, and it raises the selling price of the item by one cent.  You place a bid, the next guy places a bid, and it goes back and forth until there are no bidders left.  There could be a few players bidding, two, three or over a hundred.  The playing field with 100 or more players will eventually narrow down to a dozen or less.

As each player bids the price of the item increases by one penny, so if 1000 bids were placed the item will close at $10.00.  If 45 bids were placed the item sells for .45 cents.  That actually happens all the time, it’s a lot of fun winning for a few pennies and DealDash makes it easy.

A few things you need to get started at DealDash are a username that defines you in the auction, and an account, which you establish when you buy your first bid pack.  You then have an opportunity to make a comment that goes with your username and it is the face of your persona in the auctions.

There is Beginners’ Luck at DealDash, but that will fade and you will need to rely on your wit. There are many players who have been at the site for a long time, watch them.  See how they win auctions, they’ve been around for awhile and don’t tend to make as many mistakes as a Newbie would.

Keep a list of the other players until you memorize them, that takes time and new people join everyday, but what you learn from other players will help you win more auction.  Remember, you can’t win them all so only bid on items you really want, especially as a Newbie, it will help you finish your day with the right merchandise.

Use the tools at hand, your Dashboard, the Winner’s List, Bid Buddy and the Buy It Now Feature.  Bid on low retail items you need, and practice winning before you go for the big stuff.  You may lose many more bid bidding on an item worth over $500 than you would if you stayed with the items under $500.  Read the blogs found on the DealDash site, and Facebook, players like myself love to share because if you play well, and I play well, we all win more.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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