Brag About Your Wins from DealDash

So, you’ve been bidding at DealDash for a while now.  There you’ve been able to win items for a fraction of the cost, possibly 99% off or even more.  Many, many players win auctions for only pennies every day.  You can too.

When you win at DealDash, if you “brag” about your wins on the DealDash Facebook Page, you will be rewarded for your wins.  If you brag on your own Facebook Page, you’re friends will thank you.

I have a few friend who have joined DealDash and they are so happy.  They win all the time.  There is no way of knowing if you will win an item, but at Dealdash, you can buy the item and get all the bids you used trying.

Your friends will let you know what  a great deal you got when you tell them you won the iPad for about $50.  I see that happen all the time.  To tell the truth, I’m still trying to win an iPad, but I know I will.   I have won most of the major prizes at DealDash.  I won the coveted Massage Chair with only 78 bids!

I have won the 4K TV for $8, I’ve won a hot tub, a clothes washer, and many other great appliances.  I’m still trying to win a few of the coveted prizes.  There is always something new at DealDash and I know tomorrow there will be a prize I can’t wait to win.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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