Skating on Thin Ice at DealDash

There is a super thrill when you start shopping at DealDash and you’ll wind up winning an amazing prize for a fraction of the cost.  That thrill will keep you coming back over and over, and you will definitely win at DealDash.  In fact, it’s so much fun to win, especially in the beginning, you’re going to want to try every single auction at once and stretch yourself too thin.

It’s not difficult to get “carried away” when you are bidding, you want to win them all, but what I can tell you, is you will win today, and you will win again and again.  You don’t have to go after every item right out of the gate, you’ll end up burning through too many bids at once.  You will have plenty of time to win again.

When you find yourself losing little auctions that you simply didn’t pay attention to, you will realize you are in the area of “skating on thin ice”.  It won’t take you long to realize you need to choose a few of these auctions and just let the rest go.  There is always the next one at DealDash.  You can  see how often they offer an given item by typing it in the search bar, that item will come up for the recent past, the present and the near future.  That is your guide to see how often they offer an item.

If the item isn’t listed again currently, it may have run its course or be scheduled far into the future, you may not see it today, but suddenly it’s back.  They mix up the inventory at DealDash all the time.  That is one reason why it’s so hard to resist bidding on many auctions at once.  Through my experience, I have seen that I win more auctions when I bid in less auctions.  The chances of making a mistake goes down too.

So, try to stick to as many auctions that will fit in your field of view.  If you are using your phone, that may be only one auction.  If it’s your computer, for example, I can see 12 comfortably, but I rarely bid in more than 6 at once.  In fact, I rarely bid in more than three at once.  I usually plan on winning, so I stay focused on my auctions.

You plan on winning too, but if you bid in too many auctions at once, you may not win as many auctions, so keep it simple, don’t skate on thin ice, and play safe….there is always the next one.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!Visit-Site12 (1)