My Dashboard: Everything You Need on DealDash

Dashboard home

 Shows your Active BidBuddies and Open Buy It Now offers.  Check back every now and then, especially if you are placing a lot of bids at the same time. Why? Because sometimes you forget about bids you placed on an auction (I know I have) and can check in on the auction to see if it’s worth adding more bids or bowing out. For Buy It Now offers, you can determine if it’s something you want to purchase at retail price (and get all your bids back). I have done this with gift cards and items I planned to purchase anyway. It’s a great alternative.


Badges (New!)

 If you haven’t checked out this section, you should! I love these new badges. It’s like getting an extra win now and then. The pop-ups are fun and it’s nice to have a place to see how well you’re doing in the auctions. For example, how many auctions have you won in the Home Sweet Home badge category? Just a little more fun and excitement from DealDash!


Public Profile

 This section is where you select an avatar or upload a customized picture for your profile. Adding something fun and friendly to your Bidder Bio is always fun too! I like changing up funny or inspirational quotes on my bidder bio. Switch it up every now and then!


Buy Bids

 If you’re already in the My Dashboard section, it’s easy peasy to buy bids from this area. It’s the fourth tab down and will take you to the page where you can buy bid packs in a snap.


Buy It Now History

Are you a fan of the Buy It Now feature? If you use it often like many bidders do (and should!), this is your go-to section for keeping track of those items you’ve purchased at retail price, the price your paid, the number of bids you received back and shipping information.


Transaction History

Here you can see any transaction you’ve made on DealDash, from bid pack purchases, to exchange to bids options, to your daily award of free bids for logging in. If it involves a transaction of money or bids of any kind, this is where you can go to take a look.


Bidding History

Much like the Transaction History, your Bidding History section will give you a comprehensive view of any bid you’ve ever placed on an auction. You can view the item, the number of bids you placed, whether the auction is still ongoing (meaning you can get back in it to win it) or whether you won the auction. You can also click on each auction item after it has ended to see who won and the final auction price.


Won Auctions

This one is pretty self-explanatory and offers a list of any auction you have won, the final auction price and if the item was exchanged to bids or shipped with a link to shipping information provided.


My Orders

 You can find all the same information here as is available in the Won Auctions area with the addition of any Buy It Now offers you have purchased as well.


Redeem Gift Card

 This is the place where you would redeem a DealDash gift card for bids. Who knew there was such a thing? A hint: Try waiting until bids are at a lower price to redeem and you will receive more bids for your buck!


Account Details

 Keep, maintain and update the credit cards you use for DealDash purchases here. You can also switch to the old DealDash page design here if you are more comfortable with that layout. You can also update/change your password through this section as well as view your username, the date you signed up, the number of bids you currently have on your account and, best of all, the total number of auctions you have won on DealDash!


Customer Support

 Lastly, the My Dashboard section gives you another way to get to Customer Support! They are there for customers at all times of night and day. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions.

Getting to know the My Dashboard section is just a click away! Simply access this area by clicking on the last tab of that row, just under the Bids Left section at the upper right corner of the main screen. We hope you’re soon using the My Dashboard information to your advantage and racking up the wins on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.