DealDash Dashboard Helps you Win

If you just signed up for DealDash you may not have noticed all the information on the DealDash Dashboard.  It’s where you’ll find useful information to help you win.  If you’ve been around and you’re not using the Dashboard, you may be missing out on some wins!

After the initial joy you get from bidding and winning at DealDash there often comes a time of fear.  I had this fear and have heard of others having it as well.  It comes from being smart enough to know you can’t win them all and not quite experienced enough to win more often.

So where you can gain some bidding power is in your Dashboard.  My favorite feature of the Dashboard is the “Bidding History“, it’s so much more than numbers.  All of the tabs are found in your Dashboard are on the left side of the page. Click on Bidding History and see how many bids you’ve used on an auction and if it’s ongoing.  This comes in handy if you backed out of the auction for awhile because it’s the quickest way to see if the auction is still ongoing.

I also use the Bidding History to remind myself who I beat or who beat me.  You can click on any one of the auctions you were active in and find out who placed the last 9 bids.  This is just enough to remind you if you are willing to get into another auction with this person right now.  Most importantly, it tells you how many bids you used on an item,  this will give you an idea if you bid too low.  Keep in mind no two auctions are the same, they all have personalities of their own, but you can use this a gauge to decide how many bids to use next time.

If this is an item you must have use this simple formula to figure out how many bids to use to BIN, (buy it now; when you buy an item you’ve tried to win and don’t win it you will get your bids back.) Use the value of the item and divide by the cost of the bids and you are left with the number of bids not to exceed to BIN, once you reach the BIN level it doesn’t pay to continue, what does make sense is buying it and getting your bids back.  For example, if an item is $15 and bids are .13 cents it would be 15./.13=115  bids.

The Bookmarked Auction Tab is also useful.  If you are in the habit of bidding on more than one item at a time, this could be very useful.  It helps you keep an eye on the activity of an auction that you have bookmarked, either to come back to later, or to know where the auction ended for research purposes. You can bookmark auctions a couple of way, one way is to just place a bid, it will be automatically bookmarked for you.  You can shop ahead of time and when you find an item you wish to bid on, click the little white star in the upper right-hand corner of the auction, this will also bookmark it, you can “un-bookmark” the same way.

When you are bidding at DealDash, use the tools they gave us, DealDash genuinely want us to win and they put a lot of effort and opportunity into making that happen. So, buy some bids, bookmark your choices, set an alarm if you have to come back to the auction.  Know how many bids you used on an item in the past and if you lost, plan to exceed that number next time.  Don’t have fear to BIN, it’s the best way to recoup your investment.  There are Buy It Now buttons on your Dashboard and in the individual auctions.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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