The Seasoned Player at DealDash

The seasoned player at DealDash is a cunning, experienced player.  They know their way around the site, and they aren’t afraid to bid.  They know when to bid and who to bid against.  Well, this information is at the tip of your fingers and you can use the site to improve your game.

First, don’t start by banging bids around the site, this is called “stomping”  if you bid randomly on items you waste bids and pay too much for an item,  most seasons pros won’t do this, I say most because some will do it as if they just got there. They probably don’t spend much time on the site, or I’ve seen them only bid on extremely popular items this way.

As soon as you get to the DealDash site, check the “Winner’s List” this is the quickest way to see who is in the field right now.  You will see who has won and how many items they have won.  If there is one player winning a lot, try bidding on the same item after they have won it.  They can only win it once a week and won’t be back for at least that long.

You will become a seasoned player over time, until then, watch the players who win a lot.  If you can compete with a lot of bids, try it.  They make mistakes too.  If a player is seeming to place more bids than an item is worth, they could either be “big spenders” or they won their bids and with no cost they find overbidding to be acceptable.  This activity is done mostly during the “Free Wins” sale, many players will come and go.  Tip: Don’t get into a “Must win at all costs” frenzy during a Free Wins sale, especially with someone who has been on the site for several years.  I don’t like to see those players win all the time, so I don’t always leave, but if I know that they are just going to bid, bid, bid me out of the park, I may leave, at least I still have my bids.  You can always go back later, maybe they left or used all their bids.

The newer the player you are at DealDash, the fewer auctions you should be involved with. Bidding in every auction on the site is a seasoned players trait, but I don’t mind because they are spreading themselves too thin and bidding in too many auctions at once increases the chance that they will make a mistake.

As you can see, flipping around the site is important, you will become a seasoned player sooner if you do this.  Check your bidding history, see what your bidding habits are, does it change if you bid on high value prizes or are you a lower value item seeker across the board?

Make a list of the players, keep them in mind, put a little star next to the ones who play in all the auctions, you will see a pattern.  My best advice is to play around them.  They have been at DealDash for a long time for one reason….they are winners!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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