Change Bidding Styles to Win @ DealDash

When you’re a Newbie at DealDash, it’s exciting but chaotic.  There is some wonderful winning moments and some awkward unsure moments.  You bounce around and don’t know what to bid on.  You’re unpredictable.  You may stomp players and lose free bids, you don’t know how many bids to put in an auction, it’s a learning time for sure. But, when you become a seasoned pro, you tend to do the same thing over and over, and that behavior is predictable.

Be unpredictable!  You don’t want to bid as if you don’t know what your doing, but just the opposite.  Know all the bidding styles, and spread your style around.  If you normally bid on small items, but leave early, the next one stay a while.  If you stay you confuse the player who expected you to leave.  Now you’re going to win because they can’t predict when you’re leaving.

If you are that type of player who loves to play the front end of an auction, and you do it repeatedly, other players will remember and just wait until you have exhausted all your bids and then join the auction.  If you used half the amount of bids you would have in the front end, then when the other player jumps in you leave, only to return later.  Something you’ve never done….a little scary, yup, but it makes you unpredictable and that wins auctions at DealDash.

Likewise, if you are the type of player who puts one bid in before $5 and then only comes back after others have used 1000 or more bids, you are not hiding!  The fact that your are bidding that late most likely means you don’t have very many bids, and you won’t really last.  Be unpredictable, come in the early part of an auction, and use more bids, I would bet you’d win more auctions.

Don’t underestimate the competition, just when you think you’re going to win, this guy comes in to use 100’s of bids even though it’s down to you and that player.  Ask yourself, is it worth it? Should you continue to try to win, or should you just let them have it.  If you don’t want to keep dipping into your check book to buy bids, back out and let them have it.  Believe me, it is reciprocated. Not everyone will be so kind, but it does make you feel good, and most of all conserve bids.

If you are the type of person who only bids 10 bids and leaves, find a really popular auction and bid on that one until the sun goes down because there are so many players in the auction, so a lot of players will see your tenacity.  That is a valuable atribute to have.  It doesn’t really work in an auction with 5-10 people, you have to get into an auction with many players so the “masses” see it. This may mean you have to bid on only one auction, or you could run out of bids.

There are any number of types of players, you know which you are, and so does everyone else.  I can predict the other players, and I’m often right.  I’ve learned to conserve bids and win more auctions by switching up the way I play the game….typically on a daily basis.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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