Rest better with Beddit

If you get an average amount of nightly rest, you are spending 1/3 of your life in the bed. With that in mind, you should always make sure your body gets the best rest you can. Every. Single. Night.  Beddit is a product that can help you do just that.

Beddit is a sensor that you place under your bed sheet. It’s easy to use and seamless to install. You won’t even know it’s there! The sensor connection is wireless, so while you sleep it tracks your movements throughout the night. The sensor will record everything from changes in your heart rate, breathing, snoring, to sleeping patterns.
Developed by a Finnish company that specialized in bio-measurement technology, Beddit is the result of people wanting to have a product to help self-track their well-being. As we know, sleep is indeed vital to our well-being. Both individuals and families can use Beddit to make a substantial change in bettering their everyday wellness. You can retrieve all the data from your Beddit and track it on a single page to see how everyone slept. You can also follow trends in your sleep – as an individual or family – and see 14-day median trend data on amount of sleep, sleep efficiency, and resting heart rate.
Of course, Beddit, like most of current day technology also has an accompanying app. On the app, you can not only have access to your sleep data, but you have many reviewers of Beddit give you many sleep tips they’ve received that have benefited them.
While Beddit is clearly not meant as a medical device – it is most definitely a new way we as consumers can take our auxiliary well-being into our own hands. Quickly, easily and efficiently, Beddit provides a simple way to acquire data that consumers wouldn’t have had access to without participating in a sleep study.
Our health is the most vital part of our lives and getting the sleep we need is a big part of keeping our health at the top. Now, we can help ourselves get the rest our body needs. You can check out deals for Beddit on DealDash and grab one for yourself!