Now You Can Own a Lamborghini!

Now you can be a proud owner of a Lamborghini without breaking the bank! Great for kids of all ages, this remote controlled sports car comes in a bright orange color, just like your favorite Lamborghini Aventador. This remote-controlled car is cutting-edge and is powered entirely by a free app that you download to your cellphone or tablet device. If you are passionate about cars, you’re in luck! Be prepared for hours of action with these iCess remote controlled cars.
iCess offers a range of top of the line sports cars as remote controlled cars ranging from BMW to the Porsche Cayman, Lamborghini Aventador pictured here and the Mercedes SL
The car collection includes a large array of top-of-the-range models: Lamborghini Aventador, BMW X6, Porsche Cayman and Mercedes SL65. My favorite is this Aventador!
This app-driven remote controlled car is inspired/modeled after the Lamborghini Aventador. The real life Aventador is the most powerful Lambo yet with a 6.5 liter V12 – 691 horsepower. It will hit 217 MPH and carries a pricetagof $393,695 and could take as long as a year and a half, yes 18 months to be able to purchase a new one. 
iCESS Lamborghini S680 Remote-Controlled Car, Orange:icessBuy it now for DealDash for just $64 or bid to win it for less! The last one sold for just $0.22 – 22 bids total! This would make a great gift for anyone in your life who loves cars, especially exotic cars! 

  • Bluetooth connection requires no other attachments
  • Control the car with a simple tilt of the controller
  • Motion control reflects on the dashboard for a realistic experience
  • This remote control car has headlights, taillights and signal lights that are all activated from the app
  • Left/right and front/back movement
  • Sold in the color orange
  • Working headlamps
  • Joystick, as well as motion controls
  • App-controlled R/C
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