Deals on Portable Tech Health Items!

You can track your steps with various FitBit trackers.
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Here are more great trackers that may help you in 2015.

No it’s not a kitchen timer, this is a sophisticated iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter.
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Why would you want a pulse oximeter?

Well, it’s an easy way to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation and your pulse rate. This will tell you how much oxygen is in your blood, according to the American Thoracic Society, more than 89% of your red blood should be carrying oxygen.

Press your finger into this little health device and it will show your readings right on the display and in the free iHealth app. Track this at any time or during training or other activities.

“Track Your Oxygen Level And Pulse Rate
The iHealth Pulse Oximeter (PO3) measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and your pulse rate. The oximeter works by shining two light beams into the small blood vessels or capillaries of your finger, reflecting the amount of oxygen in the blood and displaying the measurement on the oximeter’s screen. The oxygen saturation (SpO2) is measured as a percentage of full capacity.
What Is Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)? What Is The Normal Range For SpO2?

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) is a measurement of how much oxygen your blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum it could carry. For a healthy individual, the normal SpO2 should be between 96% to 99%. High altitudes and other factors may affect what is considered normal for a given individual. The Oximeter offers a SpO2 measuring range of 70-99%, with an Average Root Mean Square (ARMS) of SpO2 accuracy of ±2-3%. The pulse rate monitor measures a range of 30-250bpm, with a pulse rate accuracy of ±2%. ”

How would you like to be able to check your blood pressure at any time? You won’t even have to go to a grocery store or pharmacy to test it. This iHealth BP7 Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor works with your iPhone and Android. View upcoming deals on this iHealth BP monitor on DealDash.ihealth

  • Measure and track your systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time
  • Create visually dynamic charts to track your progress; Compare results against your historical averages, as well as world health organization (WHO) classifications
  • Share results instantly with friends, family, or your doctor
  • Keep track of physical activities and daily diet as part of your overall health

What do you plan to do in 2015 to help you live a healthier life?