New Items Worth Waiting For At DealDash

spring appliancesDealDash puts out new items every day, but some items do not list every day.  For example, you can usually find a new design of a tie, or a new watch design nearly every week.  But, items like a Cappuccino Maker, a Microwave Oven or an Iron are special items that don’t come on the market every day, that makes them special and worth waiting for.

You can figure an everyday item is going to fall into this category.  Most coffee makers, toasters, and mixers are very popular and are usually scheduled weekly.  You can find them in the items listed on the “New Items” tab to see if it’s scheduled or it has an “Alert Me” tab.

hamilton-beach-80If it’s scheduled, you will see the start time, and you can hit the bookmark star.  This will keep the item at the top of your auction page and it will be in your list of bookmarked auctions in your Dashboard. If it’s not scheduled, you will see the “Alert Me” tab on the item and if you click this, DealDash will send you a notice via email when it is about to come on the market.

This is the best way to “wait” for an item.  DealDash sends you an email three days prior, and the day before, and one more when it’s about to go live. You can’t miss it. Having 3 days to plan will give you a chance to buy your bids at the best price.  Check the DealDash Facebook Page to see what the latest sale is.

Popular items are often offered during a Free Wins Event, so someone will walk away with a fantastic prize for one penny!  Keep your favorite items bookmarked and Alerted, you never know when it’s going to come on the market.  You can figure at least once a week for most items, but some are every three days, and big, big prizes like a swimming pool or a hot tub are offered less frequently.

All of those estimates are just that, estimates.  It’s something I’ve observed in the several years I’ve been playing at DealDash.  There are other new items that will be offered every day, they don’t necessarily fall into the “everyday item” category, like art and clocks.  These types of items can be found daily and you can win them with fewer bids than the more rare popular items.

mr coffee-coffeeOf course, that’s not average either because people will bid endlessly on all items, if you don’t get your prize for the price you want, buy it!  Get the bids back and start over with another item.  That’s Entertainment Shopping, and at DealDash, they give you your bids used back if you buy it using their “Buy It Now” option.

So, go shopping, find your favorite items, bookmark and alert them, then wait for the announcement, check the Facebook page for sales, bid and repeat!  It’s so much fun to shop, plan and win with these few bookmarking tips.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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