Gift Card Strategy at DealDash

gas gift cards cheapWhen thinking strategy for winning prizes, gift cards from DealDash have everything you need.  You can win the gift card to give as a gift, or you can win the gift card to go out and buy the exact item you need.  DealDash has a great selection of just about everything, but there are certain items you can only get a a particular store.

Gift Card are the best item to plan on “Buy It Now”, also known as “Binning” or “BIN”, you will see other players talking about it in their comment. That’s because it’s a great plan that works well when you’re bidding on an item, especially gift cards.

You can get gift cards for your gasoline.  Everyone needs to buy gas, so why not go for the gas card, you could win it for a fraction of the cost and that’s money in the bank!  If you don’t win the card by the time you get to the BIN price in your cost of bids, you can purchase it and DealDash will refund all the bids, as a thank you for buying the item, and to go try and win another prize.  They love when we win!

gift cardsThe formula to decide how many bids to use is simply the retail value of the item decided by the cost of bids the sum is the number of bids to use.  For example if your gift card is $25 and the bids are .15 cents, it would go, 25./.15=167.  That would be the number of bids to put on your item using the Bid Buddy.  Bid Buddy will bid exactly when it’s your turn and you hope to be the last bid placed!

Players win gift cards for pennies on the dollar all the time.  There is a culture of players in the gift card category who only win/bin gift cards or rarely go outside of the category.  They know the BIN strategy works and probably have a pocket full of gift cards!

gift card auctions cheapGas isn’t the only convenience you will find at DealDash, they also carry restaurants, big box store, convenience stores, toy stores, coffee shops and fast food.  Visit the DealDash page and search using the gift card category, bookmark your favorites and bid to BIN.  When binning stay very true to the cards you really want and need. Tip: During “Free Wins” events, gift cards will go long.  come prepared with bids and be prepared to BIN……you need it either way, and buying it makes sense.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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