Tips to Get Your Money’s Worth on DealDash

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Getting your money’s worth on DealDash is easy. Here are some of the top tips to maximize your bids on DealDash.

Many people use DealDash to save money on items for their home or for gifts. However, if you aren’t using my tips, then you might not be getting your money’s worth when you are bidding. If you want to make the most of your money and bids while on DealDash, then you’ll want to read on for more information.

Bid at the Right Times

You may have read my article the other day about when the best time to bid on kid’s items on DealDash. There are certain times that are better for bidding on DealDash than others. If you missed that article, just click here and you can get more information. Typically bidding extremely early in the morning is a good idea when trying to score great wins on DealDash.

Get the Best Deals on Bids

All DealDash bids are not the same price! When you first buy a bid pack on DealDash, the bids will be .60 per bid. After you have bought your first bid pack (which is fully refundable, by the way), then you are eligible for discounts on DealDash bids! DealDash runs different sales and promotions every week, and if you really want to get your money’s worth on DealDash, then you will want to wait for a really great sale price. Once you have been patient and waited until the bid price has sunk to .13 or .14, then buy up! Bid prices only go this low a few times per month, so when you see them this cheap, then stock up. If you run out and need more bids later you can always buy them, but they might be .17 or .18, which really isn’t maximizing your money.

Don’t Waste Bids

Have you been flitting from auction to auction like a little bidding butterfly? Sprinkling a few bids here and there? That really isn’t the best way to get your money’s worth on DealDash. Of course, you can bid however you like on DealDash. However, in my opinion, it’s a much better strategy to save your bids for things that you really want. This way, if you don’t win the auction, then it would be worth it to you to do a Buy It Now (BIN) on the item, so you can get all of your bids returned to you.

When you do a BIN on DealDash, you will get all of the bids back that you placed in that auction returned to your account. You get them returned as soon as you pay, and you will also get free shipping on the item. And unlike some of the other auction sites, there is never a handling charge. This is why it makes perfect sense to do a BIN on DealDash if you want to get your money’s worth.

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