DealDash Secrets: This week’s sales!

Well there is nothing better than a sale at DealDash, if you can get a look at the fireworks for a discount, it’s the best!  There are great deals coming down the pike this week at DealDash.  If you’re a regular, you know what that means.  If you are just signing up, this is the best sale to do it with!

First, on Monday during the Splash into Summer Sale you will earn 3x the free bids with your bid meter.  For every bid you place at DealDash they give you free bids back.   How this works is when you have placed a bid the meter starts, as long as you are high bidder the meter continues until the next bid is placed.  This time adds up and as it does you earn FREE BIDS!  Each time you earn the next level of play you are rewarded with your free bids in increasing values!  I am going to achieve level 70 and when I do DealDash will award me 920 bids!  Wow wee!! Bids will be .15 cents on Monday.

Tuesday is so much more of the same, 3X Free Bid Multiplier and bids are only .14 cents!

On Wednesday DealDash bumps up the meter again to 4X!  That is four times the FREE bids for every bid you place.  You could fill up your meter in no time at all, that means you get to play longer and win more.

Thursday has the same 4X bid meter, and the bids are only .12 cents! This is a perfect time to stock up on bids, if you purchase bids at the low price you will get more bids for about the same price as an every day price.  So more bids and free bids equals more wins and better prizes!

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So, let’s recap-

Monday May 23, 2016 bids are .15 plus a 3X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping (as always)

Tuesday May 24, bids are .14 and a 3X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

Wednesday May 25 bids are .13 cents plus a 4X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

Thursday May 26 bids are .12 cents plus a 4X Bid Multiplier and Free Shipping

See you in the auctions!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!