Overbidding is a Strategy at DealDash

The first few months I played at DealDash, I got involved with players who just bid and bid and bid, no matter what the retail price of the item.  They just bid over the value because they can.  I’ve since learned this is a strategy for some players.  You will find this activity, especially when there is a Free Wins Event.  When the final cost of the item is free, many players will come into an auction when you would think that it’s winding down, only to get a “second life”.

What this means is there are players who enter the auction in late, often called “Jumpers” however, I really see it more like “joining” the auction.  If you bid before $5, all is fair in love and war! We are in this to win it, and it seems some will do it to extremes.  So, if the item is valued at $50, and the bidding is up to $55, the auction has most likely taken on a second life, meaning there are new players in the auction who haven’t invested the same amount of bids as a player who joined in the early part of the auction and played the whole game.

Although the retail price may have gone over the value of the item, each player has only as many bids in the auction as their play time.  So, you may have 1000 bids in and another player only 500, you have to decide if you want to stay in or leave until they have used the other 500 bids. It helps to know the competition, you will learn the strategy of the other players, watch the players with long histories at DealDash, they usually make the best decisions, like using Bid Buddy and not stomping on your clock time.

I’ve seen this strategy with gift cards, players will BIN the card, so they will use the BIN amount of bids to win it, and that’s a lot of bids on some cards.  For example, an $800 Walmart Gift Card.  The Buy It Now amount of bids would be calculated like this, 800./.15=5333 bids.  So for me, I’m out, I don’t bid on those big prizes if I don’t have the budget for 5333 bids.

I will over bid on small items, generally under $200 if I won the bids for a DealDash level reward for my Time As High Bidder, or if I’m cashing in on some freebies for positing to Facebook, or if I just won a big bid pack, all ways to get free bids toward your overbidding strategy.

Yes Sir, overbidding is a strategy at DealDash, learn the folks who do it and if you are in an auction, and you’re not sure if this person will continue to overbid, you could just wait for the next one!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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