Double Dash! How to Get Even More (2X)! Free Bids This Week

double dashDealDash always offers free bids to bidders when their “time as highest bidder” meter increases. This week DealDash is running a Double Dash promotion! This means the time as highest bidder bids will be doubled!

DealDash’s Time As Highest Bidder Explained!

When you are the highest bidder, in any auction, you will earn time towards your next level. When you reach a new level you will start to receive free bids. What’s even better is the more levels you reach, the more bids you get!

Look on the bottom of any page on – you’ll see a status meter on the very bottom, it’s to the right of your name and bid count and shows your current level and your time as the highest bidder.

You are the highest bidder every time you are the highest/unopposed bidder in an auction – the time you were the highest bidder gets calculated and is displayed next to the meter. The time in the countdown clock is the amount of time you need to reach the next level. When the Claim Bids button is activated you can click claim bids and reach the next level.

Check out this helpful diagram from the very helpful Tactics & Tips page on


The levels go from 0-well, right now Level 70 is probably the highest level anyone has made it so far.. but say you were on level 28, you’d get 300 free bids, level 29 would get you 
500 free bids!

The first level requires just 60 seconds of being the highest bidder to claim 1 free bid.

time as highest bidder

When’s the best time to get more free bids by being the highest bidder?

I would suggest you try bidding during the early morning, or late at night. There might be less competition (or maybe other bidders are just tired) causing them to click the bid button more often.

Or, you could just click bid now and bid over anyone who outbids you. Some may think you’re crazy, but for some this is a strategy to win too. By clicking bid again and again each time someone else bids you really cancel out anyone elses’ bid, they may grow frustrated and quit, or confuse other bidders who decide not to bid against you.

Not only can you get 2x the free bids this week on DealDash here are more ways to earn free bids! double dash

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