DealDash Promotions Explained

Image result for dealdash tipsIf you’re new to DealDash or a seasoned bidder, you still might not understand how all of the DealDash promotions work on the site. Let me clear that up for you.

DealDash runs many different promotions, there is a new one going pretty much every day. On this blog we try to tell you about the biggest promotions that are happening, but there are smaller sales and promotions that go on as well. If you’re curious about how the different DealDash promotions work, read on, and I will explain the promotions for you.

For example, some days the bids might cost 18 cents on DealDash. That is a huge improvement from the 60 cents that some of us have paid in the past! Other days, the bids might be 14 cents, and on very special occasions I have seen the bids go as low as 12 cents! That’s amazing! When the bids are low-priced, be sure to buy bigger bid packs. That way, you have more spending power than someone who bought bids at a higher price.

Other than the bid sales, there are half-off auction sales, and Free Auction Weekends sometimes as well. Those days tend to be extremely busy on DealDash, and for good reason – on half-off auction days you only have to pay 50% of the final auction fee. And of course, on Free Auction Weekends, you only have to pay 1 penny as the final auction fee.

If you’re a regular on DealDash, you are probably used to the $5 No Jumper auctions. However, on very special promotion days, DealDash lowers the No Jumper limit to only $3! That means that no one can place a bid and win the auction unless they placed a bid before $3. This leads to lower final auction fees because there is significantly less competition on $3 No Jumper auction days.

My advice to you is to check DealDash daily to see what promotion is going on each day. You know that you’re always getting the best deal when you shop on DealDash. Visit DealDash today, just click on this link right here, and you can go see what today’s special promotion is on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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