Find Your Hobbies at DealDash

If you’re wondering if you can find your hobby at DealDash the answer is probably yes!  DealDash has been adding a lot of new and really cool items for the hobbyist.   So you’ve been thinking of joining DealDash, and now is a great time to win these new and exciting items.  I

If you’re on a bidding budget, you can parlay your other wins into bids with the DealDash exchange offer.  Any items you win can be exchanged for bids instead of the prize.  It’s a great way to stretch the budget if you won something you don’t necessarily need.  This happens all the time. You get caught up in a new auction because it’s fresh and exciting, then suddenly you invested 20 bids and won!  Then you scratch your head and say, “what am I going to do with this?” “I know!” exchange it for bids, you don’t get the prize but you do get the value place by DealDash back in bids.  Keep in mind if you choose the exchange option, you are not eligible for the Buy It Now (BIN) option to purchase theitem and get your bids back.  

dd bounty hunter 196If biking isn’t your cup of tea, there are other fun and useful items you can win to enjoy free time with your hobby.  One such fun and fast-paced auction is the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector which is valued at $196 and sells on average for $16.57, that is an incredible deal and if you don’t win, just use the BIN to purchase it and get your bids back.  


dd yogaSo you prefer a more Zen like hobby you can find this Sivan 6-piece Youg Kit complete with everything you need to begin and for the seasoned yoga master. This is a new items with a lot of interest so the average price is around $22, but only sold twice, once for $1.56 and once for about $21. so this items could end anywhere in-between. 

dd tech nicon camera 1350And photography is another great hobby item at DealDash, you can find cameras ranging from about $50 to $1000 and they always have a great crowd in them. The best thing to do with the camera is to watch a couple of auction, check the average prices, and definitely see what is trending on the Winner’s List at the top of the main page at DealDash.  

Whatever your hobby you can find a great variety of tools to help you enjoy life.  Don’t forget your favorite hobby, and that’s DealDash, I know it is, and if you are new go try it! You are going to have a new favorite hobby!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.