Winning Technology at DealDash!

Winning Technology items at DealDash is, well let’s face it, very difficult, it requires strategy and patience.  You must plan accordingly.  By planning you have watched a few auctions, you’ve learned a good chunk of the player’s habits.  You are completely loaded up with bids and you stay focused on the prize.  You can try to win right away as a newbie, and you might “get lucky” that happens all the time, but rarely on computers.  I know, I’ve been in a dozen technology auctions, I’ve won a computer for 50% off, but it didn’t happen my first day out.  

This all sound easy enough, but don’t be fooled, you can easily be distracted by someone or something.  I have lost auctions just by turning my head for a second.  I’ve also accidentally hit the “cancel bids” button instead of the “add bids” and have recently lost an auction that way.  My point is, anyone can win, and anyone can lose.  

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So you want to go for the iPad or a MacBook Pro or perhaps a cell phone, DealDash has a wonderful variety of these items and you can always find one to bid on or one in cheque for later.  Any items at DealDash that you find and isn’t up for auction yet has a button to have DD alert you when it is coming on the market, use the “Alert Me” button,  simply open an individual auction and click on the Alert Me button on the bottom of the page.  DealDash will let you know when the item is coming up for auction.  They will send you an email a day or so before, then the day of and when the item goes live.  They really want you to have every opportunity to win it.  I love the attitude at DealDash it’s genuine and they really want us to win.  These items take time to win and the higher the price the higher the demand.  Everyone wants to win the $1000 computer for 5 dollars, but don’t count on it, then when it does happen you can be extremely excited.  The best advice I can give you to win these popular items is to load up on bids, for a computer it could take 1000 or more.  

One of the best parts about winning from DealDash is you don’t have to go to the mall, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!  Also, every item is delivered FREE.  Each item qualifies you for posting for free bids.  Every item qualifies to BIN and get all your bids back.  If you don’t win, just purchase the item and DealDash is happy to give you your bids back.  Every item will sell, you just want to be the lucky person who won!With any item at DealDash you could get lucky and win it right away, just keep in mind these average selling prices change on a daily basis, so do the math.  On the auction page, add up the selling prices and divide by the amount of items sold, it’s usually nine. That is the average selling price for that point in time.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!