12 Days To Nascar With DealDash!!!

So you are a big Nascar fan? Well, join the club!  I have notice that Deal Dash has everything you need to get tail gating in style at Daytona!!! Did I just say Daytona?! Woot Woot!! only 12 days until Daytona!!

grill smoker 142Here is what you need to know about tailgating with Deal Dash! First the greatest things they have are the exceptional variety of grills. You can be that guy who has the incredible smoker/grill and has the charcoal to smoke the whole parking lot.  Or you can be the guy who has the small Quisinart Gas Grill, it still gets the job done, but it doesn’t have the demanding impact of the big charcoal grill.

cuisinart port gas grill 212The best thing you can do is get all your buddies involved, defer the costs, get them to go to Deal Dash because for every friend you refer to Deal Dash they will reward you both with 10% off your next purchase.  It’s always great to be appreciated and Deal Dash recognizes when you bring a friend on board that it’s time for a reward.

wild dome tent 78No one can go to Daytona without a tent!  You  will be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of tents they have at Deal Dash, you can go for the low priced tent which should sell for pennies on the dollar or for the high end tent that could last for hours or days! It doesn’t really matter which tent you have, all that matters is that you are at DAYTOA!

fest cooler 74Don’t forget the cooler!  Deal Dash has just about every cooler you could dream of.  the best of these to me is the model with wheels!! There is something to be said about a cooler you can move all around the parking lot with ease.  There is no better way to make friends that a nice cold one!

feat gazeboIf you are a real die-hard you will need this screen tent which serves as a great place for the crew as well as a nice comfortable place to have dinner at your tail gaiting party! Any of these prizes I would put on the “easy to win” list.  I’ve personally won three of four of these items for less than $5.00 each.

One of my best pieces of advice is, if you didn’t win it by your “limit” let it go, someone wants it more. So I do give up after a certain price because I’m not willing to spend more than a certain price for the item.  Especially if I don’t plan on Binning (Buy It Now) the item, why would I spend more bids than needed to get for a great deal.  If I don’t win this one for 30-50 bids, I may very well win the next one for that amount.  I see it all the time.  There are a group  of bidder who only bid in the first 50 bids or so, they win a lot.  You’ll get to know them quickly because they bid in every auction and leave early.  Keep them in mind, they are easy to outbid!

Well, here is is Nascar Season, finally!! Go to Deal Dash, find your tail-gating items and win, with a little strategy, a little luck and good timing these items can be yours! Keep in mind every item you bid on at Deal Dash that you don’t win can be purchased and all your bids returned, so don’t walk away empty-handed!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!