DealDash Tips and Tricks for Free Bids


DealDash free bids

Free bids, you say? Yes! Totally free bids, courtesy of DealDash, are yours for the taking!

Anyone who bids on DealDash should be taking advantage of the free bids that DealDash offers to all bidders. Why in the world would you want to waste free bids by not taking them and using them? Just think about this the next time you go and buy bids. Today, 55 bids are $7. If you’re smart you’ll read the rest of this article and take advantage of the tips inside!

Free Bids for Bidding? What?!

That’s right, you can get free bids just for bidding daily on DealDash. This is a newer perk that DealDash offers. Every day that you sign in and place a bid on an auction DealDash will give you some free bids. The number of free bids depends on how many days that you have visited and bid consecutively on DealDash. You get a few free bids on the first day, and the number goes up a little each day until it reaches a cap of 30 bids. That’s right, thirty free bids! That’s like DealDash paying you almost $4 per day to bid, as long as you come every single day (consecutively) and bid.

Time as the Highest Bidder

There’s another way that you can earn free bids just for bidding, and it’s called TIME AS THE HIGHEST BIDDER (TATHB). This means that for every second you are the highest bidder in an auction, you earn time on your time clock, which fills up a meter at the bottom of your screen. As you collect more time, it fills up your meter and you get closer to free bids. When the meter is full DealDash will give you the free bids, and the meter will start back at the beginning to fill up again.

The TATHB is the reason that people love to bid on auctions when DealDash is running their 2X and 3X promotions. When DealDash runs these promotions your bid meter will fill up 2x or 3x as fast. This means that you will fill up your bid meter much faster and get free bids sooner.

Thank You for Reading

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