Know the Lingo at DealDash

If you are new to DealDash you have scratched your head about the terminology used by other players in the comments and even DealDash themselves.  This is a list of words or phrases that are commonly used at DealDash and the definition.

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Auctions-The home page at DealDash displays all the auctions available for bidding or purchase,  and it has pages of upcoming auctions available.  Using these pages is the best way to shop for the auctions you’ll wish to participate in. 

Auctions, Individual– Each auction has it’s own page where the stats of the auction are available, how many players, who they are, their stats and comments.  This is also where you will find the Bid Buddy.

Banner– The banner on the top of the home page is where you will find the current cost of bids and any sales available.  Sales include 50% off final price, Free Auction Wins and holiday specials.  Check the banner daily, it changes very early in the morning.  

Bidding-The act of placing bids in an auction for real, everyday items.

Bids-Bids are the currency of the site, you need them to play.  They range in price with an average cost of .15 cents each. Purchase bids to join auctions.

Bid Count Meter-This displays your available bids.  When you have bids on your Bid Buddies, they are subtracted from this total. You can see this in two places, top right of page and lower left of page.  You can also get a bid count in your account details. 

Buy Bids Tabs– There are three, one is on the top of the auctions page right next to your bid count meter, one is at the bottom on the left of the auctions page, it looks like a little credit card, and there is one on your dashboard. 

Buy It Now (BIN)-At any time during an auction you can opt out and purchase the item at regular retail price.  Any bids you used in that auction will be immediately credited to your account. 

Bid Buddy– The most reliable tool at DealDash, it is the best way to set up a determined amount of bids to be placed for you in the order you joined the auction.  If there are 7 players using Bid Buddy, it will place a bid for you every 7th turn, the only thing between you and the other players is the number of bids you place.  The one who places the last bid is the winner.  

Dashboard-Your dashboard is essential to keeping track of all your plays, wins and purchases.  There is a comprehensive list of the items you are bidding on currently and how many bids you have placed.  This is where you find all your information, public profile, bids placed, account information. You will find your dashboard on the top and bottom of the page. 

DealDasher– One who plays, shops and saves at DealDash.

Final Price– When an auction ends the number of bids placed by all players determines the final price.  If 9576 bids are placed the final price is $95.76. If one bid wins, the final price is .01 cents.  

Free Bid Meter-“Time as highest bidder” (level) is determined by the (number of bids you place)( times)( about 9 seconds for each bid).  The meter ticks up your time and when you’ve reached the appropriate number of bids for your current level you are rewarded with free bids.  Each level increases the number of bids you claim, for example if you are at level 43 you will claim 650 bids and it goes up with each level of play you achieve.  

Jumping-A player who places a bid before the $5 cut off and then leaves the auction only to return later and jump in. Get to know who does this and wait until they jump in.  Jumper– One who jumps

Public Profile– You may have a comment displayed under your Avatar, you can edit it from your Public Profile tab located on the left hand side of your dashboard. All comments are approved by DealDash staff and have guidelines that include, among other things, not being threatening with your statement.  It’s meant to give some personality to the Avatar.  Auctions can be won and lost with these comments, pay close attention. 

Stomping-Stomping  plain and simple is the worst offense of a DealDasher. It is a reckless and thoughtless storm of bids being throw into an auction.  This rapid-fire bidding is an attempt to scare everyone away and as a result win the auction. Stomper- One who stomps

User Name-The name everyone sees when you are playing DealDash, you’ll want this to be creative and expressive.  Some people use their actual name or a combination of letters and numbers. 

“Who’s on their limit?”– This is a tab found on your Dashboard.  It gives you a real-time list of all the players who have reached their winning limit. It costs one bid to buy 12 hours of real-time limits. 

Winning Limit– Your win limit meter is located in the upper right hand side of the Auctions Page, there are 9 notches.   You may win 9 items at Deal Dash each week.  Once you have reached your limit for the week your win meter will be empty. Your meter will be recharged on the same day every week and is determined by the day of the week you join DealDash. 

Winner’s list-A real-time list of all the wins, a picture of the item with a description, who won it and what they paid for it.  It also displays the winners Avatar.

Happy Bidding!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.