Don’t Give Up, Regroup with DealDash

Every once in awhile you will have a bad day at DealDash, it does happen.  You can do two things, you can get angry with yourself, or DealDash, or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward with a new plan.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a rut of a bidding style.  It really does help to mix up your strategy.  If you are the type of player who always stays until the end, you may be battling with someone else whom also does that, this is just a hot mess!  One of you has to give, or both of you will be out of bids real soon.  It’s time to rethink that hold-on attitude.

Likewise, if you are a player who always backs out after 25 bids, it’s easy to just invest more bids, and the other players will be confused, after all, you usually leave.  This new bidding style of yours is confusing, so they may back out.  You want the guy who always beats you to back out, but they rarely do.

It’s real easy to change your style if you are a “stomper”, a player who pokes a bid in after each player.  This activity is unsustainable and you will be out of bids soon.  The stomper is usually an inexperienced player and they learn sooner than later to use the Bid Buddy.

The “jumper’ is another predictable player  at DealDash, if you jump in at the eleventh hour, you will be caught, figure out and players will be aware to back out, let you use your 200 bids and be back.  I suggest you stay more involved if you are the jumper, use more bids, and if you are the “jumpie” just back out while the jumper uses more bids.

Every once in awhile you will have a bad day, it’s the nature of the beast!  This is Entertainment Shopping, a pay to play auction,  you may win, you may not.  That’s why DealDash has the Buy It Now feature.  If you don’t win an item, you can purchase it and get all the bids you used trying returned to your account, you get to use them all over again, you have your item, and all is good!

You may need to regroup your new style.  Sometimes it’s also a good idea to just step away from the computer.  If you stretch your legs and clear your mind, you will gain some clarity and that’s a great inspiration.

Take a deep breath, this isn’t scary, it’s exciting and wonderful!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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