Stay Organized when Bidding at DealDash

It’s so easy to get started at DealDash bidding that you might get a little carried away by all the fun and lose track of some important information.  It’s a good idea to keep a DealDash Journal.  I had one in the beginning, I used it for at least six months.  The information would help me make educated decisions when bidding in my auctions at DealDash.

At first, I didn’t even use Bid Buddy, that is not only disorganized, it’s a hot mess!  Using Bid Buddy will ensure you don’t overbid, something that is very important, especially if you are bidding on a budget.  Use Bid Buddy to help you stay organized.

Keep a list of the players who “won’t quit for anyone”  It helps to know who beat you by overbidding or power bidding.  After time, this information will become something you know, but at first there is so much to remember, you will do yourself a favor to keep track of some players with notes.  I like to remind myself which auction they beat me in or which was close.  Then you can make better decisions when bidding against them again.

Keep track of your wins, I like to keep a real time list going on my desk, this helps me stay organized when bidding, and I can glance over to see what I’ve won and if I exchanged it for bids, how many bids did I get for it.  This is an advantage to bidding at DealDash, if you win an item and then decided you don’t want it, they will let you exchange it for a number of bids, determined by the items popularity.  The more popular, the higher the number of bids.

Don’t forget to write down every time you make a purchase, it will give you a visual, and keep you on budget.  You can be bidding and not pay attention to how much you are spending.  So, keep a list of your expenses.

It’s fun to bid, but to win more, keep track of these few details, it will help you in the long run.  Also, after some time, you will remember most of this without notes, it’s just in the beginning.  Staying organized helps you win, and it makes you feel good too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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