Be Kind, It Pays at DealDash

It’s so much fun to bid at DealDash, but everyday when you start bidding, there is “that guy” who is in every auction and wants to win everything.  Well, how nice would it be if that guy would just let someone else win once in a while.

I myself, do like to win.  I will try to win every auction I’m in, but if I see a fellow player who is bidding only in early auctions, I will back out so they can win.  I think everyone at DealDash should do this! You don’t have to do it on the big ticket items, but a few smalls are ok.

When you do, that guy will remember, and next time, they might let you win.  I say “might” because not everyone will do this.

It’s also kind not to stomp on your fellow players bids.  We all want to get out free bids for our Time As High Bidder, this gift from DealDash only happens if we are kind to each other and don’t stomp.  A sure way to lose those free bids, is to stomp bidders.  If  you do, they will stomp you back.  You both lose.  Be kind, don’t stomp and win more….really!

What about your comment?  Here is a great opportunity to really be kind, tell us something kind about yourself.  You don’t want to intimidate because the average player won’t believe you to begin with, and they just might be annoyed by what you say and stomp you or jump you thinking you are a poor sport.

It really does help you to win more auctions if you are kind.  I never forget the players that I’ve battled with, and if they bailed out and I won.  I remember the ones who don’t do that.  They are the players I won’t leave early for either, see both lose….kind of. .   We can all help each other win, there is no rules against being kind.

There are rules, however, so please read them on the DealDash site, they are important and helpful.  They will also help you understand the game better and may give you and edge.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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