DealDash: Average Selling Price of Small Appliances

There are a few items at DealDash that sell for a low closing price and you can get one or more of these small appliances if you play your bids right.

Here are a few tips when considering an item under $200.  The first thing you want to do is NOT overbid.  If you can avoid it at all don’t overbid, it distracts from winning for a few pennies.  When you are a new player at DealDash you may be tempted to overbid on a small appliance, but I can tell you that they sell often for just a few pennies, so why not let that be you!

Here are  few average selling prices of auctions which I have won, they are simple and require only a few bids, but you can’t get caught up in a bidding war over an item that should take only 50 bids. don’t let yourself get into one of these battles because you simply don’t have to, you can without a doubt win a toaster with just a few bids.  It may take a few tries, and you have to have patience, but it can happen.  If you are willing to purchase the item you can BIN the amount of bids, but this article is about winning with just a few bids.

microwave 113 bids and $20.15

toaster 60 bids and $1.20

electric coffee pot 24 bids and .65 cents

can opener 12 bids and $1.12

These are just a few of the great deals I have found at DealDash, but I’ve won many more.  I love to give the items I win at DealDash to my family and friends and they are alway so surprised at how little the items cost me.  Now when I have a gift or an item I give away, they always want to know, “how little did you pay for this?”  That’s funny, but the truth is you can’t win them all, so for every item I win I may lose up to 9 more. that is about a 10% win rate.  I’m ok with that considering many of my auction I only pop in one bid to come back later, and well, maybe I won’t.

There are many, many items you can win with just a few bids and small appliances are among the greatest of prizes to win easy.  If you get into a battle with someone for a small appliance and they just won’t quit,  I suggest YOU quit, and go for the next one, if there is one on the market in 10 minutes, I’ve seen it go for less than the one I’m “involved” with .  It happens all the time.

Don’t underestimate the power of the “next auction” DealDash has new items on the market every minute of every day, there is always the next one, there is always one that is easier to win.  Don ‘t get hung up on one auction, there is a vast number of auctions waiting for you around the clock.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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