DealDash Tips: The Stages of Bidding

There comes a time after you have been bidding for awhile that you are in that stage between too inexperienced to know better, and experienced enough to know better.  What you should know about the stages of bidding. 

First, there is the Newbie bidder, they tend to (not all of them) just pounce their way into a bunch of auctions and try to win anything.  You don’t really know what your doing, you have won one auction and you loved it! Newbies often come in from other sites where stomping is encouraged, but at DealDash respectful bidding is encouraged. Not only is it encouraged, it’s rewarded with free bids, simply load up your ‘Bid Buddy’, and watch your ‘Free Bid Meter’ rack up the free bids.  You do get the free bids if you bid manually, but the Bid Buddy ensures you bid only in order of other players who are also using the Bid Buddy, therefore conserving bids. 

Second, this is the stage I am warning you of.  You’ve won 6-10 auction, you love winning, a couple of times it came real easy and then you had to try hard for a couple, you weren’t winning as much.  Now you’ve used up some bids, you didn’t utilize the Buy It Now option (BIN), or you have no bids left.  So use the BIN option, purchase the desk chair you were trying for, you need it anyway and you used 300 bids.  I underestimated the beauty of this feature when I first started and unfortunately, I lost a few great opportunities to recoup my bids.  

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Now, you’ve purchased the item, got your bids back and you bought some bids.  You are all loaded up, then you get to the main page and suddenly you freeze.  You don’t want to bid on anything because of the few failures.  Well here is the beauty of that, you wised-up!  You will no longer waste bids just pouncing around, you won’t get involved in too many auctions at once, you won’t stomp because it’s wasteful.  You have matured as a bidder and you are taking your bids seriously.  In the beginning anyone can buy a few hundred bids and lose them foolishly, but it takes practice to be a seasoned player and a frequent winner.  So, don’t be afraid, trust that you will win because you will.  Just look at the Winner’s List and you will see how many players win over and over, and that will be you.

 Finally, you have become a seasoned player, the seasoned player doesn’t win them all either, no one can win them all there is so many factors you have discovered, not the last of these is luck.  Also, use the Bid Buddy from the very first bid.  I make it part of my routine to open an auction to bid, I don’t randomly get involved. I plan.  Planning is half the fun.  

There is time to learn all the tricks of bidding, it’s easy and fun if you just have a little confidence that you have learned from your mistakes and you will win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.