DealDash Anniversary, We Get The Presents!

This week at DealDash they will be celebrating 7 years in business and even though it’s their anniversary, we are getting the presents!  In the form of Free Wins and Free Bids!

On Friday Feb. 19, 2016 DealDash will be having their “Black Friday In February” sale, bids will be only .12 cents each!  That’s a great time to stock up on bids as this in about as low as the price will go all year.  (I have seen .11 too) But stocking up on bids when the price is this low gives you an edge as you will get more bids than a regular priced bid.  More bids means more chances for prizes.

Friday will also have FREE WINS and 50 auctions starting a 2PM.  Free Wins means no matter what the closing price is in the auction, you will only pay a one penny transaction fee for your item.  50 auctions starting at 2PM is a fun frenzy of prizes being offered all at once, many items will go for just pennies. You can have a lot of fun flitting around the auctions and trying to be those lucky players who hits it low!  But no matter what the final price, you will still only pay one cent!

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Saturday,  Sunday and Monday Feb. 20-22, 2016 brings the big event, yes there is more!  DealDash is celebrating 7 years of Penny Auction business so they are giving 7X the free bids!! SEVEN TIMES MULTIPLIER.  For every bid you place DealDash will give you free bids 7 times faster than the everyday amount.  So the longer you bid, the more free bids you get.  Then when you cash in on your free bids, you can use those bids to win prizes and more free bids.

In addition to the 7X multiplier,  bids will be on sale as well, on Saturday the 20th you will pay only .13 per bid and Sunday and Monday only .12 cents per bid.  I would suggest you buy your bids at .12 and earn free bids at 7x and this will maximize your free bids.

If you have a Facebook page you can go to the DealDash Facebook page and “Like” and “Follow” them, DealDash will follow you too! Then you could get notifications about sales and events at DealDash and you will have a chance to share your wins with other players of DealDash where DD will reward you with more free bids just for bragging about your win! Win-Win!

This event at DealDash is surely one of the best promotions I’ve ever seen in nearly two years of play.  They never stop trying to please and bring us the best sales because DealDash wants us all to be big winners!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!