Bidding on Bid Packs to Save Money!

The only thing better than winning items on DealDash for less than retail? Bidding and winning items on DealDash for way less than retail!
Wondering how this can be possible?
Easy! Get bids for way less when you bid and win bid pack auctions. Take a look at a few of these recently ended bid pack deals.
DealDash runs auctions for bid packs quite frequently. How would you like to win 5,000 bids! Yikes, wouldn’t you like to bid against a bidder who recently won 5k bids!? Just saying, be sure to look at the recent winners of bid pack auctions too to find out who carries a big bankroll of bids!
5000 bids

Date Price User
2/14/2015 $93.58 smckay95
2/12/2015 $124.01 intraining
2/12/2015 $36.13 Furgy61
2/11/2015 $48.95 Roadtripper05

Seriously!? Someone won a 5,000 bid bid pack for just $36.13! You can too if you bid. Check ou all bid pack auctions on DealDash by clicking here –> Deals on bids Bids
DealDash offers bid pack auctions in varying amounts, so start bidding and collect bid packs to arm you with more bids and a competitive edge against other bidders. Having more bids will definitely help you hen it comes time to win that new MacBook or Dyson vacuum cleaner you have an eye on!
40, 60, 80 bids all sold for just $0.01 – 1 bid recently!
Also take advantage of bid pack sales to save even more money on bids to help you win more bids!
Find out who has won bids and how much they may have by looking at recently ended auctions for bid packs. Jot these names down and watch, if they bid against you in an auction you will have an idea of how many bids they might have (except they may have more/less if they’ve bid on other items).
Did you know that there are ways to get FREE bids on DealDash just by sharing your wins on social media? Read how you can get free bids on DealDash.