Bidding on Bid Packs!

Chances are you are here because you were searching for DealDash tips. Right? The first thing to know about DealDash is how it works, it’s a different type of auction site where you have to purchase bids and bids come at a cost, unless- unless you win more bids for less. How do you do that? Well, first of all you will need to buy bids to get started, bids cost $0.60 each. There’s currently a bid pack sale so after you buy an initial bid pack you can purchase bids at promo prices. These prices can be as low as $0.15, or less per bid.
Once you already have a bid pack you can bid to try to win even more free bids by bidding on bid pack auctions.
Take a look:
DealDash’s bid pack auctions have recently sold for as little as one bid!
Bid pack auctions come in many denominations, as you see from the recent results below bid packs for 40 bids, 70 bids, and 80 bids have sold for just $0.01! So you never know until you try bidding! You may just be the only one to place a bid, but this really isn’t easy to predict. DealDash also offers bid pack auctions for packs up to 600, 800, 1,000, 2,000+!
bid packsDid you know about DealDash’s buy it now policy?
You can bid on a bid pack and if you don’t win it, and you spent more bids than you wanted to lose, all you have to do is purchase the bid pack item at the price listed and get the bid pack amount placed in your bidding account you also will receive all of the bids you placed back into your bidding account. Now if that’s not a win-win when you don’t win I don’t know what is!
Do you, or would you bid on bid pack auctions?
What items would you love to see on DealDash?