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Are you familiar with all of DealDash’s terms and abbreviations? If you’d like a little help, read on.

If you’ve been on DealDash for a while, you probably don’t need any help figuring out the terms and abbreviations. However, if you’re new to DealDash, then you might need a little more help and more information. DealDash practically has its own language that you’ll want to do a little research on before you get started. This DealDash blog article is the perfect place to start. Now, who’s ready to learn?

BIN, AKA “Buy It Now”

DealDash is very generous and offers a “Buy It Now” or “BIN” option on every single auction. No matter if the retail value is $20 or $2,000 you can always do a BIN on every auction. Doing a BIN means that you did not win an item in a  DealDash auction, but you may purchase the item for retail value and receive all of your bids back. BIN is something that is a really good idea to do, and it’s a great way to save money. DealDash is the only pay-to-bid site that offers a Buy It Now on all of their auctions. Understand? Now go out and BIN the next auction that you participate in but don’t win.

BidBuddy, Your Partner on DealDash

The term BidBuddy is another very common DealDash word. The BidBuddy is something that you will get to know – it’s DealDash’s automated bidding tool. The BidBuddy is something that you would be wise to use every time that you bid.The BidBuddy is available on every auction, to every bidder, there are no restrictions on it other than the fact that you can’t load it up with more bids than you have in your bid bank to spend. You can use the BidBuddy for free and book as many BidBuddies as you have the bids to do.

The BidBuddy is the best and most consistent way to win auctions on DealDash. The BidBuddy will place bids for you by taking turns with the other BidBuddies that are set in a particular auction. It will place a bid for you in the last 2-3 seconds of an auction. You can place or cancel the amount of bids that you want in the BidBuddy. You are in control when using the BidBuddy on DealDash.

Free Bids and TATHB

Free bids are pretty self-explanatory, however, there are many different ways to obtain them. You can receive free bids from DealDash for a variety of things such as sending in pictures and videos of you and your won items. You can also get free bids for just showing up and bidding. Also, you can collect Time As The Highest Bidder (TATHB), and when your time meter has filled up then DealDash will reward you with free bids. You can also receive free bids for filling out your bidder bio, taking the DealDash tutorial, and by writing product reviews when DealDash requests them.

Thanks for Reading the Tips Blog

I hope that this article helped you think about different terms and abbreviations on DealDash. Go ahead check out the amazing items on DealDash. Visit DealDash now to see what’s up for bid. DealDash has anything and everything you need.  Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

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