10 Reasons to Love DealDash

If you are thinking of going to DealDash to do a little shopping or you’re just going for the gaming experience, you are in for a treat!  The shopping is so much fun, they have everything from a razor to a washing machine and you will never become tired looking at the DealDash deals. There are so many everyday items it’s remarkable!

There are so many features to love but here are just 10 to start

  1. DealDash has the best prices for bids, that’s the number one reason to simply try DealDash.  The bids prices average at about .14 cents. There are sites out there with lower priced bids, but you need to use more than one per bid placed, that’s crazy.  At DealDash you will always only use one bid for one bid placed.
  2. The research tools provided are so helpful in giving us insight.  My favorite of these is the “Winner’s List”  a comprehensive list of every win happing in real time.  You can go back about 24 hours to see what prizes sold, for what price and who won them.
  3. The number of auctions available.  Every minute DealDash is adding new prizes for us to win.  Great prizes are endless and available 24 hours a day.
  4. The player’s comment.  Each player is provided a space to comment.  This could be a quote or something nice about yourself.  The comment is viewable with every bid you place, so you will want to make it clever or useful to your strategy.
  5. The clean and bright playing platform.  DealDash does not clutter its site with ad or bells and whistles.  When you are playing at DealDash you see your auctions clearly and without distractions.
  6. One Per User option.  There is an ever evolving selection of items players may only win once.  This reduces the number of players in the auction making it easier to win.
  7. Nine Prizes a week!  What more can I say?  That’s a lot of prizes!
  8. Free Bid Multiplier!  Every bid you place at DealDash is rewarded with free bids. There is a meter which fills up as you bid and is released when you reach your next level.
  9. High quality items,  every item I’ve ever received from Deal Dash has been of great quality and value.  To top that off each item is shipped to you FREE
  10.  Outstanding Customer Service.  DealDash has the best CS on the web. They could write the book for how to treat your customers on the internet.  They are kind, efficient and very helpful.  They are never condescending or too busy to help.  You simply get the best service.

These are just a few of my favorite features about the best penny auction site, DealDash!  Sign up, log in and have fun!!Visit-Site12 (1)

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!