DealDash Has the Best Gifts

comforter-120When you are making a list of gifts you’ll need for the holidays, always check DealDash first!  They have the best selection of gift items and you can fulfill your list in reverse!  Go to DealDash, find some items you would like to win and win it.  Then look at your list and assign it to someone!  It’s great, I don’t stress at all over what gift to give anyone, the right gift will show up.

One of the best and easy-to-win gift items at DealDash is my all time favorite the White Comforter and Sheet Sets, everyone needs blankets and sheets and they are relatively easy to win at the DealDash site, and they always have a nice selection of sizes and with the sheets, a nice variety of colors too.

timex-ladies-60Another “kind of” easy to win item are the huge selection of watches, you have to keep your eye open for your favorites, some watches are very popular items and are only out there occasionally, and there are other watches that are on the site all the time.  This is where the Entertainment Shopping comes into play.  You search the site for your desired item, bid on a few things along the way, and then when you find your item, if it’s not on the market yet, you can bookmark it.  DealDash will then send you a notification when the auction is about to start.  If it’KitchenAids scheduled and you bookmark it, it will be posted at the top of your DealDash Main Page.

There are some great housewares that make wonderful gifts, like stand mixers and blenders.  I love the small appliance category, DealDash rotates the items in the category, you might see a blue stand mixer today and a red one tomorrow.  Small appliances are generally very popular, but I’ve often seen fewer players as other times, so you could win them easier when the odds are better.

There is a handsome selection of Handmade Clocks with familiar shapes men love, like cars, planes and trains.  The clocks are popular, but I see them go for pennies all the time.  You could get real lucky, it helps to know the pool of players, but there are new players to DealDash everyday, so you will never totally know the field of players.  That’s part of the fun though, it keeps you on your toes.  Some players are very predictable too, that also helps, I’ve seen a lot in my two plus years, and predictable players are fun to volley with.

These are only a few of the thousands of items they carry at DealDash that would make wonderful gifts.  Keep shopping and bid on, DealDash has the gifts you need.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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