Using Bid Buddy to Bid on DealDash Auctions

Did you know that instead of constantly clicking the “bid now” button on DealDash auctions you can set up what’s called a BidBuddy, an automatic bidding tool to bid for you? It’s really quick and easy to use. First you have to make sure you have enough bids in your account. Click on the page for the auction you would like to win. Then input the amount of bids you would like the bid buddy bidding system to bid for you. For example, this auction listing for a $50 Hyatt Hotels & Resorts gift card.
In the box below the Bid Now button you will see where it says “BidBuddy – Your Automatic Bidding Tool” in the white box below that input the number of bids, then click “Book a Bid Buddy” and watch the Bid Buddy system bid for you!
You will see the system bid for you as the auction counts down to the last few seconds, usually around 3 seconds or 2 seconds left in the auction. If other bidders are also bidding with Bid Buddy the system will take turns.
Drawbacks to using Bid Buddy
You won’t really know for sure who is using Bid Buddy, but if someone is consistently bidding they may be, or they could just be placing bid manually.
It’s all in the timing: It could bid for you 100 bids too early in the auction, perhaps there are others waiting to bid but they will wait until the bidders on bid buddy who continue to bid stop, and trust me they do watch!
Benefits to using Bid Buddy
You won’t lose a chance to get your bid in when you’re using bid buddy because it will bid for you before the auction ends to someone else.
You have to refill your bids and make sure you keep track of how many bids you have left on the bid buddy, but it’s really easy to see how many bids it has placed for you!
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