Big Sale at DealDash!

 dd cuisinart toasterSo you want to try DealDash? Well, during the next three days you would be wise to sign up and start bidding. If you already play at DD, you will love this sale too!  On Tuesday the Jan 19th through Thursday the 21st all wins are 50% off the final price.  No matter how high (or low)the auction goes, the final price is half paid by DealDash.  Bid prices will range between .13 and .15 cents. 

dd brentwood SS Power Juicer 80This can be a particularly fun sale if you are looking for an everyday item like a toaster or a blender, both of which you can usually count on getting at great deal.  Let’s say you need a toaster, this is a fairly easy item to win so buy enough bids to purchase it at full retail.  For example,  if the toaster is $36 and bids are .12, buy 300 bids and you have the toaster covered.  Place your bids and forget it.  Now you may have won the toaster for just a few cents, and you only pay half the final price. Or you didn’t win at all, you’ve used up all your bids and have no toaster.  This is not a bad thing at DealDash, they have a bid back guarantee!  Any bid you place on an item will be returned to you if you purchase that item.  So you didn’t win, buy it, get your bids back and then go on to get the blender too. 

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dd ilive stereo 103This sale also works well too if you are looking for a big ticket item, like a crib or sculpture, they usually go for much more than a toaster, so you have to adjust your bidding style to your budget.  If you only have those 300 bids, you may not have enough to win it.  You can at any time during play leave the auction with your Bid Buddy set up and go to the “Buy Bids” tab on the top of the page, or on the bottom there is a little credit card icon, click that and you are right in to the bid center where they have a variety of bid packs to choose from.

dd relxazen chair 80Shortly after I started at DealDash, after I had my toaster and microwave, I moved on to other rooms in my home.  One of my favorite mid-value items is the chair I sit in to write, I won this great Desk Chair valued at $89 for only a couple of dollars.  In fact, I have won many items under $100, like a printer, coffee pots, can openers, clocks, pocket books,  a dozen items for my yard, and more.  The mid range is a great place to get your sea-legs on.  The auctions are getting a little longer, you need to be more patient and stay focused.  

All this being said, don’t rule out “your lucky day” it could happen you win the item for only 3 bids and a few pennies!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding, I’ll see you in the auctions!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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