Average Auction Lengths at DealDash

Every auction at DealDash has a “mind of its own”, but there are a few thing you can count on when bidding, and how long an auction should last is one you can estimate based on what the item is.  Having some idea how long you should bid in an individual auction is a learned skill, but here are a few tips you can use as a guideline for averaging the length of an auction.

The following strategies  are not rules to live by but a few things I do to “keep it real”.   Ok, so it depends on what you are bidding on. If your item is under $199, it should go very quickly.  These items generally can go for a few pennies and a handful of bids, no more than 12.  You can Buy It Now (BIN) the item easily and get your bids back, so for that reason sticking to these items when you are learning will help you get used to using the site.  Binning is a way of bidding full price for an items, then buying it and getting those bids back, it’s a great way to get your item and keep bidding.

The convenience of the under $199 is that the auction is short.  These auctions end in three or four minutes and the products come up for sale quite often, you could essentially stay in this price range for a week or more and get a real grip on, 1. how to use the site, 2. how to set up Bid Buddy, 3. learn who the power bidders are, and more.  These auctions help you learn how to pay attention to multiple auctions at once and you can really conserve bids with this style of bidding.

Now you go on to the items that are in the $200-500 range, some everyday items in this range are very popular and go on forever, but your average items that generates moderate interest will go quickly.  Knowing what those items are will come with bidding, the best advice I can give it to remain in these price ranges to get used to the site, you’ll know how popular it is by the number of bidders who join in.  These auctions will go on for about 20 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes.  You will use 60 to 200 bids. Again, don’t underestimate the BIN if the item is right and all the stars align, remember, there is an element of luck too.

So, let’s talk about the really popular items in the $200-500 range.  Here is a good rule of thumb, if it’s “unusual” everyone wants it, for example when DealDash first got juicers, they were so popular, I didn’t bid on them until the frenzy stopped, and now I have won several.

The items over $500 get tricky, it’s tough to come in on the first day and win that $5000 piece of furniture, those items go on and on and on, often for a day or more.  You don’t have to stay involved with an auction that is going on for a couple of days, use your BidBuddy to bid for you throughout the night while you sleep.  Be sure to put enough bids in there if it came down to you and one other person for a long period of time.  I usually put in a lot more than I would if I were awake.  It’s so much fun to wake up in the morning and see that you won.  You will use any where from 500-3000 bids on these items. Items over $4000 could take 3000 bids or more.  You do get free bids all the while with your Time As High Bidder, so you could apply those to the auction.

I would place anything over $500 in this long-term auction.  The higher the value the longer the auction,  I have seen the massage chair go on for a week.  I’ve seen the furniture and art go on for days, as well as bikes and computers.  Caveat; these items go for just a few pennies once in a while, I can even say often, at least a few times a day for the art.  Watch and learn and you will have more success winning. Be prepared to bid long on the higher retail prizes, and be grateful when you win it for $1.50!

You will win a lot at DealDash, they go above and beyond to help us win, I’ve had well over 700 successful wins in 2 years and you can too.  If you only have a few minutes bid on the lower retail, if you have a couple of days, bid on the higher retail! If you only have a few bids bid on the lower retail, and if you have a lot of bids go for the higher retail.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!